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Flower Petal Snow - The Second "Southern Snow"!  

I have posted before to share the wonder of "Southern Snow"... the cotton harvest, but this is the second "Southern Snow"... flower petals in the spring.  So lovely!

Last night there was high wind all night and pretty strong through the day too.  We woke to millions of beautiful white Bradford Pear blossoms showering the yard like snow in a dream!  Individual petals falling like snow all day long.  Wow!  Spectacular!  They were even all over the cars in the front yard - over our two story house!

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!  Have a great day!

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Best Dish Rack For Modern Sinks  

This weekend I received a sales flyer from Bed, Bath and Beyond.  It's a great store.  They showed something that I've never seen before, a dish rack to fit modern sinks.  It's $16.99.   This is their image.

I was excited there was something made to fit modern sinks available now, but instantly saw that it isn't nearly as useful as mine.  When we did The Accidental Remodel last year, I was still using a plastic dish rack from Walmart that I paid about $6 for 17 years ago and is it's still like new!  It sits securely on top of the granite and fully fills every inch of the large side of my sinks, leaving a perfect section open to securely stand all my cookie sheets, cutting boards, cooling racks, spatter guards, you name it.  I wash in the small side, which is still enormous, as it uses less water to fill.  In fact, I rinse in it too and still almost never have a full bowl when I'm done with the dishes.

They advertise, "This durable, expandable drainer can be used in the sink, over the sink or on your counter.  Holds up to eight plates and includes a utensil holder."

First, I'd like to point out that the only "expandable" part is the handles that are already wasting drying space and expanding them doesn't gain you a molecule of drying space.

Second, mine can be used over the sink and on the counter too.

Next, let's look at the utensil holder.  Mine is more than twice as large and holds tons more than theirs.  Additionally, their utensil holder takes space away from the main body of the rack and mine is added on to the outside.  This means that not only does it let you use all the space in the main body of the rack for dishes, but it provides a third long side of support to sit it securely on top your counter.  That's very important when you fill a rack with heavy dishes.

Note - when we got the counter and sink and I discovered the old rack fit peeeerrrrrfectly, I was a bit concerned about the weight of the dishes warping it as it is plastic and doesn't touch the bottom of the sink for support.  Well, almost a year later I can tell you there has been no change at all.  I have, however, made a policy of never leaving heavy things in it long, just to be responsible.  Before the remodel, I often air dried the dishes.  Now, if there are just a few, I just set them on the chrome drain rack we got with the sink.  If there are more, I use this plastic rack and towel dry them when I'm done washing, then just tuck it under the sink so all we see is those gorgeous shiny new sinks and counter.  A serendipity blessing has been that there is rarely more than a couple dishes on the counter and the room looks splendid!  No more air drying on the counters.  Sometimes I air dry on the chrome rack inside the sink where they don't show, but mostly I use the plastic rack and it even matches my woodwork!  And no, we do not have a dish washer.

Now lets compare the amount of dishes that fit in theirs and in mine.  They advertise 8 plates.  Wow.  Really?  Mine has 14 slots and a large area in the center that you can just continue standing plates in.  I have almost never had more dishes than I can pile up in that rack this year.  It holds a ton!

Lastly I'd like to address the one side of the rack that doesn't sit firmly on the counter.  It took me about one heartbeat to realize it was a dream come true!  It is absolutely perfect to securely stand all all my cookie sheets, cutting boards, cooling racks, spatter guards, you name it.  It is fantastic!  No more problems with them not fitting in a rack or sliding off a stack of dishes drying on a towel on the counter.  Wonderful!!!! 

Just for the record, I'm not being compensated by anyone to say these things.  I just think we all need to stick together and help each other when we can.  Just being neighborly!  Have a great day and come back to see me!

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Real Life Color Sliders To The Rescue!  

Have you ever seen something that was just perfect except the color?  So frustrating.  Working in PhotoShop, I'm constantly frustrated in those situations because I am so used to my magical sliders altering any color to exactly what I want.  Not so in real life.

I have been watching for a subway art that was just right for quite a while.  I found two I liked at Barnes and Noble at Christmas, but they were uber expensive and not a possibility.  I had thought I'd make my own but...

A while back I was at Hobby Lobby when I saw a gorgeous subway art plaque on an end cap.  It had a sign saying 50% off their wedding department.  Being long married myself, I wouldn't normally look there.  Had it not been on an end cap I would have missed it.

It was a lovely rendition of the chapter on love, 1 Corinthians 13.  Just the kind of thing every home could use a reminder of, aside from the fact it was beautifully done.  Only...the print wasn't white.  It was a sickly yellowy ick.  Trajic!

At only $14.99 on sale, sturdy MDF, good size and just lovely, I couldn't make one cheaper.  I couldn't pass it up.  I did the "phone shopping" thing with my daughters to see if they wanted one too.  You know, took a picture, texted it to them at work and they answer if they want it or not.  I love doing that, don't you?  It's as fun as the "wish giving" we do...where we send each other pictures of what we "wish" we could give each other, but can't afford.  It's so much fun!  These things add another level of intimacy with loved ones, even when they live across country, and face it, who wouldn't love more intimacy with someone they love?

My plaque has been propped up on a wall for weeks now.  I look at it, love the message and design, but HATE the dingy print.  It's especially bad as I painted the woodwork in my house a soft white last year.  There is nowhere that print doesn't just look horrid.  I've pondered returning it, but it's great and such a good price.  I keep longing for my PS sliders!!!!

Yesterday I finally owned up to the fact that no amount of wishing would produce PS color sliders to fix the situation.  I used a 50% off coupon and bought a Sharpie oil paint marker and started painstakingly painting over the print.  Yes, for real!  LOL and when I finish mine, I plan to do my daughter's too.  She has white woodwork too (yes, I copied her shade!) so it looks horrid in her house too, but she loves the plaque.

In the picture I have completed the top line and the fat one in the middle.  Looking good!  It's a much greater difference than shows in the picture just FYI.  What do you think?

The lesson here seems to be that if life doesn't have PS color sliders, make your own!

Have a great day and thanks for dropping by!

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Heart Warming Truth You Won't Hear On The News  

You can read this here or at the site I copied it from here, but I do hope you read it.  We all need the truth.
Two years ago Chick-fil-A made national headlines when company
president Dan Cathy spoke out in support of traditional marriage. Liberals
and gays came unglued and launched massive protests against the restaurant
Several mayors spoke out saying they would not allow any more Chick-fil-As
to be built in their cities. They tried boycotting the Christian owned
company, but that backfired. Instead, Chick-fil-A had a world record day
with many locations selling out of food to the hundreds of thousands of
Is it any surprise that the only news the liberal mainstream media has
reported concerning Chick-fil-A has only been the negative?
Remember last week when the ice storm hit the south? The mainstream media
showed footage of miles of cars stranded on the frozen interstates.
Several national news broadcasts that I saw reported about school kids
trapped on buses for almost 24 hours because of all of the ice and
parents going frantic wondering where their kids were.
In all of the icy gloom and doom, I bet you didn't hear about the heroic
and generous actions of a Chick-fil-A along Highway 280 in
Birmingham, Alabama, did you?
Mark Meadows, owner of the Chick-fil-A closed early the day of the storm
and sent all of his employees home. However, the employees and Meadows
soon discovered that they were not going to be able to get home with all
of the stranded motorists stuck on the roads. Some of the cars near the
restaurant had been stranded for up to 7 hours.

Audrey Pitt, manager of the Chick-fil-A described the

Our store is about a mile and a half from the interstate and it took me
two hours to get there. It was a parking lot as far as I could see. At one
point there were more people walking than driving.รข€

Meadows and his employees fired up the kitchen and began preparing chicken
sandwiches as fast as they could. They prepared several hundred sandwiches
and then Meadows and his staff headed out and began distributing the hot
meals to the stranded
motorists on both sides of Highway 280.

Some of the drivers tried to pay them for the sandwiches, but Meadows and
his employees refused to take a single penny. Pitt explained why:

This company is based on taking care of people and loving people before
you're worried about money or profit. We were just trying to follow the
model that we've all worked under for so long and the model that we've
come to love. There was really nothing else we could have done but try to
help people any way we could.

However, Meadows and Pitt were not through with their Good Samaritan
efforts. They helped push cars off the roads, up inclines and whatever
else they could do to help. Then they kept the restaurant open overnight
so that stranded motorists could have a warm place to be. A number of
motorists slept in booths or on the benches.

Then in the morning, they again fired up the kitchen and prepared chicken
biscuits for their overnight guests and once again they refused to accept
any payment. During that 24 hour period, this Chick-fil-A restaurant
opened their kitchen, their doors and their hearts to hundreds of stranded
motorists and they did so refusing to accept any payment. As one source
put it, Meadows and his staff lived up to the words Jesus spoke in Matthew
25:35 which states:

For I was hungry, and you gave Me something to eat; I was thirsty, and you
gave Me something to drink; I was a stranger, and you invited Me in.

Their actions were truly generous and heroic as they also braved the
frigid temperatures to hand out hundreds of hot meals to complete
strangers. And I bet you never heard anything about this from the
mainstream media. Had it been a group of homosexuals or
atheists, it would have been all over the news from coast to coast. It was
too much against their liberal standards to report a Christian company
doing something so positive for so many.

If you live in the Birmingham area, make sure you stop in and visit the
Chick-fil-A near Highway 280 to thank them for their generosity and
Christian example. While you're there, order something to eat and give
them your business as I think they deserve it.

Read the original article here.

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Do Not Multiply Your Suffering  

This was my devotional this morning and it blessed me so much, I want to share it with you.  I'm not sure, but I think the person who sends it to me gets it from "Little Talks With Jesus".  I added the bold and underline to the part that really hit me:

COME TO ME, AND REST IN MY LOVING PRESENCE.  You know that this day will bring difficulties, and you are trying to think your way through those trials.  As you anticipate what is ahead of you, you forget that I am with you—now and always.  Rehearsing your troubles results in experiencing them many times, whereas you are meant to go through them only when they actually occur.  Do not multiply your suffering in this way!  Instead, come to Me, and relax in My Peace.  I will strengthen you and prepare you for this day, transforming your fear into confident trust.

Matthew 11:28-30
New Living Translation (NLT)
28 Then Jesus said, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. 29 Take my yoke upon you. Let me teach you, because I am humble and gentle at heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 30 For my yoke is easy to bear, and the burden I give you is light.”

Joshua 1:5
New Living Translation (NLT)
No one will be able to stand against you as long as you live. For I will be with you as I was with Moses. I will not fail you or abandon you.

Joshua 1:9
New Living Translation (NLT)
This is my command—be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

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