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I love the detail in the text on this one, and I especially love knowing my Savior personally! If you haven't met Him yet and you'd like to, e-mail me and I would be delighted to help you meet Him! He's waiting for you with arms wide open and a heart made of love! He made this entire creation just so you'd have somewhere to exist while you had the choice to love Him back! We were made to love Him!

Since the detail is so cool, I hated shrinking it enough for the button and loosing that you would like the full sized version too! Enjoy!

I made this text years ago with an action I got from Al Ward at ActionFX. His freebie actions were the first I found when I was first learning and they helped immensely! He is an expert in PS to be sure and has written books than can help you learn. Check him out!

If you download, please leave me some love and God bless your use of it!
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The password is jesuschristislord.

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