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Correction on Acrylic Button Tutorial  

Big thank you's go to Jodi who took a moment to comment on the tutorial. Big thanks to ANYONE who takes a moment to comment on any of my posts! :) But back to Jodi. She pointed out that I made an error on the button tutorial - you hold Shift to constrain to square/circle, not Control as I wrote. For some unknown reason it doesn't work on mine, so I guess I just forgot the right key, but as soon as I read it I remembered that's what it is supposed to be. Apologies if anyone has had difficulty with the tutorial because of this. I have corrected the tutorial and uploaded it for you. The correction reads:

"Tip: Holding Shift as you drag constrains it to a circle. Another way is when you have the Marquee Tool selected, go to Style on the top bar, and from the drop down list, choose “Fixed Aspect Ratio”. When you are done with your circle, return it to “Normal’ or you’ll be frustrated next time you try to use this tool for something else."

Thanks again to Jodi for telling me how to make it into a pdf!!! Big hugs! For anyone else who would like to know, on a Mac, go to "Print" then in the lower left corner of the first window, choose "PDF". From the drop down I tried just the standard pdf and the compressed. Wow did the compressed make a wonderful difference in the file size and it still looked good to me.

One last plea for help as I learn how to do the "blogthing"...I'm told you see my blog in black and white. Believe me, it's full color and so pretty. I have been unable to find out why this is happening, so if you know, please write me so everyone can see it pretty like I do!!!

God bless each and every one of you! You do know I pray for everyone who comes to my blog - right? You didn't? Well you do now! :) Big hugs and bye!

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3 comments: to “ Correction on Acrylic Button Tutorial

  • Jody
    September 22, 2008 at 4:52 PM  

    Glad I could be of help. I have been using a Mac for years so if I can help with anything along the way just shout.

    I hope to see more tutorials from you!

    h BTW that french site you mentioned is great. If you click on the UK flag it will translate the site into English.

  • Jody
    September 22, 2008 at 4:54 PM  

    Oops I meant to add - I have never made a blog myself so can't help you with that. Sorry. One day I may get brave and make one but at my age I am not so sure.

  • Cheryl
    September 29, 2008 at 5:17 PM  

    I am not sure if this will help or not. But when you sign into your blog, and you go to layout.....if you click on the tab for color and fonts I am sure you change the text color and all of that in there .
    Also I dont know if you have a layout on your page, but this woman has some really pretty blog layouts for people to use, she has very easy to follow instructions.

    Hope this was some help to you .

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