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The greatest love story in history. Hands down! There has never been a more ardent lover, nor will there ever be.

The only reason there is a world at all is that deity wanted an intimate love relationship with us and created all that exists so that we would have somewhere to live while we had the free will choice to love Him back. This isn't to swell our heads with self importance, but to show us how fervently He loves us and desires us to come to Him and be with Him!

Personally, I am constantly blown away by His creation. I never stop marveling at the beauty and variety that surrounds me and the majesty and might that has created it all. He could have made one tree, one bush. They didn't have to have lovely flowers, colors and fragrances. Yet he made countless varieties - different ones all over the world too. It's the same for every single thing. He didn't settle for one, but lavished His love on us by surrounding us with multitudes of His amazing creations. If a man filled a room with one kind of flowers for me, I'd be swept off my feet by his love for me. Our God has filled an entire universe with things to delight us endlessly! Astounding!

I see how He reveals aspects of Himself by each and every thing He made. It's clear you and I love beauty or we wouldn't be working in the arts. I see that our Heavenly Father also loves beauty as He has filled the world with it, from the vast canvases of sunrises and sunsets to the tiny crystalline structures in stones. There is nowhere we can look without seeing or feeling something special He has put here just for us, His beloved.

He knew we would sin. He knew we would fall from grace before He even made us. Before He first began creating, He decided what it would take to redeem us (to show us the gravity of sin versus holiness) and was willing to pay that price Himself, to further demonstrate His love for us. He has not been surprised by anything mankind has done. He has not been surprised by anything you or I have done.

He created time for us to exist in here. He exists outside of time, having no beginning and no end - eternal. All He had to do was look to the end of this created thing "time" and He saw the choices every one of us would make in our lives and whether we would respond to His wooing and give ourselves to Him or not. He saw who would be faithful until the end. He gave us all free will. We choose. He has not made any of us refuse Him and perish or give ourselves to Him and live forever. It's our choice, but it's not a surprise to Him. He knows His own because He has seen the end of all this before He started creating it.

Perhaps the greatest marvel to me is that knowing all we would do, all we would become, HE STILL LOVED US, WANTED US AND DIED TO REDEEM US and is still granting us mercy each day He gives us life and another chance to repent and come to Him! We are lucky I'm not God! I'd have scrapped the entire idea before I started! LOL

So rejoice today! The Lover Of Your Soul is only a prayer away!

"This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it!" Psalms 118:24

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