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This button is all about His promise to return and take us to the home He is preparing for us right now. He told us the signs to watch for and admonished us to indeed watch and be alert so that we will get to go with Him.

Remember the parable of the virgins and the oil in their lamps...those who were diligent and prepared with extra oil still had their lamps lit when He arrived and they were invited in to the marriage feast. The others who weren't diligent ran out of oil and their lamps went out. While they went to buy more, He came and took the wise virgins in to the feast. Upon returning, He would not open the door for the foolish virgins. saying He did not know them.

The oil is a symbol of the Holy Spirit of God. He's telling us to be diligent and faithful, watching for His return and staying filled with His Holy Spirit so that He will find us this way and take us home with Him to the wedding feast of the Lamb! It won't be long now! Come Lord Jesus! Note those left outside had at one time had "oil", (filled with the Holy Spirit, that means they were also saved at one time), but that wasn't enough. Matthew 25:113

I made this button from a free QP by Pam Lefors Designs called pld_tealtreas_qp_1. Thank you to Jean who posted to give me Pam's name - all I had was the file name! And thank you to Pam for your beautiful work!

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