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Overwhelmed by YOU  

This blog is only a couple of days old. Until very recently, my time was entirely spent in creating for myself and others and I had nothing to do with other people's products. Then a little while ago I discovered scrapbooking stores and freebies. I had no idea how many hours were required to get the finished graphics to the point where we get to download and enjoy them. Now I appreciate the generous digital arts community even more!! It's been quite a challenge at times getting things to this point with the blog! But with God's help here I am!

I have been praying all along that my blog would be noticed by the search engine so that I would be able to reach more people with the love of God...and today it happened! I was so excited when I saw, anyone passing the house must have heard me squealing and praising God! I would so appreciate your prayers supporting my efforts to share His love and life-giving truth here.

Now I'm almost done for the day and I have just checked my downloads and all the comments you have left for me here and at 4shared and I am absolutely overwhelmed! I never expected this. I started this to give. To share God and bless you. It NEVER occurred to me that YOU would bless me!! I am so surprised and touched! God bless every one of you who has taken a moment to write me and especially those of you blessing me! Wow!

This is just another example of our not being able to outgive God!! He said we will receive in proportion to how we give.

"Give and it will be given to you; good measure, (meaning an honest measure; not cheating) pressed down, shaken together, running over, they will pour into your lap. For whatever measure you deal out to others, it will be dealt to you in return." Luke 6:38

Halelujah amen! You dear ones are proving His Word true by your kind words! What a wonderful surprise! I am trying to bless you, and you are blessing me! Wow! What an amazing God we serve! Who wouldn't love a God who lavishes His blessings on us in such unexpected ways?? I wish I could open myself and let all those who have never had a personal relationship with Jesus see inside me and know what they can have, if only they will take Him as their Savior and be faithful to Him. It's WONDERFUL!

LOL and for all those who are thinking, "Oh, she's newly saved and this will wear off soon enough and she'll be just like us."...dear sisters, I have been saved since 10:30 PM January 30, 1978 and I only fall deeper in love with the most amazing God every day! That's how it's supposed to be! The better you know Him, the more intimacy, the more love, the more you experience His Holy Presence and His working in your life. Ahhhhh how I wish I could show you how good it can be. That's how He always intened it to be, not the dried up, dressed up, chosen frozen you usually see in so many church buildings! He came to give us LIFE and that more ABUNDANTLY, not to take all our joy away and have us spiritually embalmed before we are middle aged!

"I came that they might have life, and might have it abundantly." John 10:10

So, THANK YOU SO MUCH! And please come visit often. I have freebies almost all the way ready for about 50 or more days and I hope to put a new one up daily and find time to be making more for after those are all up. God bless you and...good night!

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1 comments: to “ Overwhelmed by YOU

  • Always Plumpster
    September 17, 2008 at 7:55 AM  

    Well first hello. Thank you so very much for this beautifully done charm. This is the first of many visits to your blog I am sure. Your heart for the Lord shines. Keep the flame burning!!. I enjoyed reading your blog today and was blessed to read. When you said.."I guess you believe I am newly saved"...I was glad to read of your fire burning still. And as you said...that is how it should be, and was a reminder to myself how my walk has dimmed. Thank you for making this gal do some heart felt thinking. Oh and by the way...when I read the "frozen chosen" oh my...I remember saying those words many times...and yes..was raised in the church with extended family in either Missions or Pastoral possitions...LOL
    Lord Bless you and may you continue to be used by Him.

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