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Perilous Times - AWAKE AMERICA!  

I hadn't planned to do this, but I received an alarming e-mail from someone very close to me. In composing my response, I feel this is so important to all Americans that having a blog able to reach so many, I am compelled to share - for the love of my country and our continued way of life. I do pray you will at least read and check the facts for yourself, while there is still time.

You need to check your facts out for yourself and not simply believe what a political add or the news says. Especially material from a candidate that has changed his story and his stance on almost everything with every wind of public polls, even when he has gone on record saying he wouldn’t. He has shown he will say anything to get elected, but the truth can be found out about this man. The records are all on line, from voting records, speeches, well anything you might need to know to make an informed decision on this most crucial election. And it is the most crucial in American history.

It shouldn't need to be said, but it is not about race, though he has continually played the lame and overused, misused race card the entire time, rather than stand up and face the issues and be accountable. Other candidates have been held accountable for their past records and current actions and statements, but when anyone has dared to try to hold him to the same standard, he has played the race card. How could America elect a president they have not even been able to ask legitimate questions of to determine if he is who they want? But he assaults every reasonable inquiry with the race card and weak people fall silent. Sorry, this multi-millionaire does not qualify for the pity card of race. He's obviously done just fine. The international community is not going to be swayed by an American president whining about race when global issues are on the table. It takes actual skill and knowledge.

I'd have voted for Condelesa Rice in a heartbeat - so you see race isn't what it's about. She is very qualified, capable and is proven, as well as a faithful, Holy Spirit filled Christian who actually lives it and doesn't just talk it for votes then turns and lies when that will get him more votes.

This man who wants to hold the highest office in our country consistently refused to even pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, even on campaign platforms in front of voters in his presidential campaign. That is the lowest level act of citizenship possible and he was steadfastly unwilling to do it. Think of what “pledge allegiance” means. To promise loyalty, devotion, support, uphold, and protect. He wants to run this country without promising to be on it’s side??? He wouldn’t even wear a flag lapel pin. What is America thinking? He showed us from the start he is NOT on the side of America. He only started at least putting his hand on his heart, who knows if he actually pledges, when the polls showed he would loose votes for not doing it. That shows 100% lack of sincerity and an insincere pledge is worth nothing. Would you marry if your partner said his vows fully explaining he had no intention of keeping them? Would America really elect someone for president who would not even put his hand on the Bible and swear an oath of allegiance to this country (the oath of office)??? But do read on about it being “ok to lie”.

He says he’s a Christian and has faithfully attended his church for 20 years and is close friends with his pastor. He publicly said he would never break ties with his pastor, then very shortly after, when it became public his pastor had consistently, militantly preached hatred of white people from God’s pulpit for all those years, he says he “didn’t know” and broke off ties. He needs to pick his “truth”. Either he’s been a faithful Christian at that church for 20 years and close friends with the pastor and as such has agreed with and supported, both financially and personally, the doctrine of racial hatred against white people, or he has not been a faithful Christian there, is not good friends with the pastor and as such didn’t know this is what the man taught and believed all these years. It can’t be both ways. The truth is, you don’t attend a fellowship faithfully, as he and his family are on record doing, and support it financially unless you agree with what is being preached and taught. You don’t become close friends with someone who espouses things abhorrent to you, as he now says of this man’s teachings. The record is clear that he was faithful, was close friends with the pastor and did support a church that militantly teaches hatred of white people for 20 years. Do you want this man as your president? Notice yet again how his story changes with the polls? You cannot believe anything such a person says. He’s shown us this. Would America vote for a white candidate who had attended a militant white supremacy church for 20 years and was very close friends with it's pastor? America, use your brains!

We learn a lot about a person by who they choose as their close friends. We have already seen what manner of man his pastor and close friend is. He has another friend that should give us concern. Bill Ayers was co-founder of the Weathermen Underground in Chicago. Through the 60’s & 70’s he participated in bombing the Pentagon, the NY police headquarters, and others. He said they’d all been little communists, though not card carrying. On 9-11, while our nation was under attack and suffering greatly, he publicly said he was proud of his anti-American activities, wished he had done more and said he wouldn’t discount the possibility of doing more. When Obama was starting his political career, he went to Bill Ayers, who is well known for who he is and what he's done, and Mr. Ayers held a fund raiser in his home for him. They have served on boards together, given speeches together, but when this came to light in this election, he again lies and denies knowing the man. More lies. Anything for votes.

It's easy enough to find the truth yourself. You can find things on line spouting propaganda from his party, but if you dig deeper, you will find the truth. His record is all there. Read his book. Keep your eyes open. He clearly states that if it were to come down to Moslem or Christian, he's going with the Moslems. Didn't he just say he was a faithful Christian? Moslems have openly declared war on America and all Christians, and have acted on that declaration in very big ways. We are still uncovering and stopping plots all along. It hasn’t ended nor have they rescinded their declaration of war. Do you really want a president who is siding with those who have openly declared war on us and attacked us?

Just a week or so ago in an interview he said, "My Moslem faith". The interviewer corrected him, "your Christian faith". He corrected it with no reaction at all. As a Christian, I could not possibly make that slip and if I did, I’d be so mortified it would cause me to emphatically correct it so that no doubt could be left in the listeners. None such from him. Could it be a Freudian slip? Think about it. Bear in mind he does have Moslem upbringing and they teach it’s perfectly fine to lie to anyone except another Moslem. That’s what we are seeing in his campaign. It’s perfectly fine with him to lie to us all the time.

His wife said she “was never proud of America” until her husband was running for president. They silenced this, as he does everything, but the fact is this really tells us something about her. First lady?

In America today, we are big on “tolerance”. Even evil and sin are to be “tolerated” because someone decided that is superior. What do we know about the Moslem faith? We know they are the most intoleratant of all. The Koran literally teaches followers to lie to and kill everyone who will not become a Moslem. Did you read that? Lie and KILL. Those are the same people who have declared war on American and Christians, attacked us and are still attacking us. Does it not seem interesting that all the Moslem nations who are part of this war against America are giddy with delight supporting Obama for president? Shouldn’t that be a pretty powerful red flag when our ENEMIES are excited about a candidate? Do you want your enemies to choose our president? They obviously do not have our good at heart since they are at war with us. Do you recall any other election where they have been so very active in promoting a candidate here? Do you really want someone with this background as our president?

In the book, keep your eyes open for when he speaks clearly of when he decided to shun his mother’s race, the white race, and how he keeps away from them etc. Who’s the racist? By his own words, he is. By his choice in churches, he is. Do you want a president who proudly wrote in his book and published his stand for racial supremacy?

Do you know in Illinois he voted that if a baby survives an abortion, they are not allowed to give it any medical care? Setting aside the debate of when life starts, there is no doubt this is now a living, breathing soul – it’s been born. Claiming to be a Christian he says no medical care for the damage done to this living soul by trying to kill it, even though it's undeniably alive now. This lack of regard for human life tells a lot about who he is and what he believes - what is next for him? The elderly? The crippled and mentally ill?

He has shown what he is all about, but people are so lazy they are just believing what he says. Every time he changes it, instead of doing the research themselves or taking note of his shifting truths they just accept it. America’s laziness will be to fault if he gets elected. Even with all the utterly biased media coverage he has been given, the truth can still be found. Journalism is supposed to report facts, but in recent years, like the supreme court, they have left their assigned functions. The media uses it’s power to manipulate instead of inform and the supreme court has left it’s mandate to enforce laws, but changes them as they see fit. It is unconstitutional for the judiciary to change laws. They are apply them fairly, as written. It is the legislature who we get to vote for and elect who changes laws. We don’t have any say on supreme court justices. They are breaking the very vows they took to get those jobs.

He talks endlessly about “change”, but never gives it substance. People are so lazy they don’t even demand to know “what changes”. Change just for the sake of change is stupid. For change to be a good thing, it must be change for the better. Change can surely be for the worse too. He is full of empty words, no substance to start with, then he changes them whenever the polls indicate another opinion might get him more votes.

Never in history has a presidential candidate waged war against the vice presidential candidate in the other party. Ever since she was added to the ticket, he has spent a fortune trying to destroy her, not discredit, but destroy. He has an army of employees charged with that goal alone. More insight into his character.

The truth is that he has no experience at all. Running for an office is not a qualification for it any more than my applying to be a brain surgeon qualifies me to be one. I can’t believe people are swallowing that! Running for office longer than her in this particular race is not a presidential qualification! All the offices she’s run for probably total longer than his anyway. But it’s still stupidity! America – we are smarter than this! It’s clear that what we are seeing is the forces of darkness working with him to destroy America and move us even farther away from the Christian foundations of this nation, and that darkness, seeing the light of God in this woman and perceiving the threat to it’s plan, it is trying to tear her to bits. Darkness sees that with her on the ticket, Obama could loose.

God has given us free will choice. He’s not going to make us not elect this man who’s designs for America are destruction. He’ll let us get what we choose. America has allowed Him to be pushed out of our country to a great degree already; allowed American history to be rewritten to remove Him from our foundations and taught to generations of children that way; allowed America to criminalize the reading of Bible scriptures out loud if they condemn certain things as sin, even to the point of many being in prison already in America today. Yes, it's true. We have free speech for evil and hate, but have partly silenced the voice of eternal truth that can save souls. America currently has free speech for everything except the Christianity, which it was founded for, and more so daily.

God is no longer obligated to protect us from ourselves or our enemies. As a nation we have kicked Him out. But for the sake of the remnant still faithful to Him and His Holy Word who are interceding for America, He has kept protecting us. If we vote Obama in, we deserve the destruction that is the obvious end of such leadership. Millions of American Christians have been joining in prayer for these elections at 8pm central time for many months as we see the potential for damage to our country. If we are spared, it will be solely because of prayer and God’s mercy. Please join with us for the sake of our country, our freedom as Christians and our way of life.

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