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I hope you are enjoying your weekend. It couldn't be more beautiful here!

When I logged in this time I noticed something I hadn't previously...a "follower". Apparently you can click on the Follower widget in the left column and follow this a fan it says. From what I read, it sounds like you get updates and this blog gets added to your reading list on the dashboard of your blog, if you have one. I'm not really clear about all this, but I do thank the Osborne family for being the very first to sign up! I am truly honored! I have visited your town several times and it's lovely! It would be very nice to see many more of you become followers of this blog, kind of a big happy click on it! :)

Have a great weekend! *hugs*

P.S. By the time I had posted this, there was a second follower already! Welcome Eilajean! I do photo restoration too - check out my samples at my store

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1 comments: to “ Followers Widget

  • eilajean
    October 4, 2008 at 12:54 PM  

    yes... you were posting as I was sending you an email. I have been to your site, and I am very impressed! I need to rebuild my site... as I posted it the day my father passed away, and have not been back to fix it. That is on my todo list. Anyway... I sent you an email, and I hope you find it useful. You do great work!

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