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Gourd 3 by LynettesPhotoArt  

Today is so clear and beautiful! I do hope it is by you too! I would love to see what you are using my goodies for - if you send them to me I'll put them here.

I was just doing the dishes for the millionth time it seems. I have done them by hand my entire life with only about 5 years, long ago, when I had a dishwasher. The truth is that I don't mind them at all. It makes me smile remembering why. When I was a young mother I found a plaque that was a prayer THANKING God for dirty dishes! It truly had a huge impact on my way of thinking.

The prayer thanked God for dirty dishes because it meant there was food to feed my loved ones!

There was more to it, but that's the truly important part. I hope the next time your dishes are piling up and you must wash them, that you remember that simple truth. There are so very many people who don't have food to give their loved ones, both here in our beloved United States as well as around the world. It is a great blessing to have dirty dishes and an honor as women to be the ones to prepare and serve it. As wives and mothers, we should smile softly to ourselves and feel a warm glow deep within as we wash those dishes, thanking God, our Provider, with heartfelt thanks that He has again met our needs.

Now for your freebie from the Pumpkin Patch - Gourds collection. If you have missed any pieces to this kit so far, all the links are in the archives in the left column. I'll leave the links active for you for a while to be sure you can get them all.

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