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For change to be a good thing, it has to be change for the better. Our economy has had a lot of change lately...and it's decidedly for the worse. All change has consequences. Change just for the sake of change is ignorant. Let's be sure when we make a change it's for the better!

As citizens, we garner many benefits, but there are responsibilities that go with it. One responsibility is to research candidates for public office and not only vote, but make an informed decision. Let's not be lazy Americans and let's be sure we know the truth about both candidates and make a wise decision. We and our children after us will have to live with the consequences of our choice. If you are getting all your information from our network news, you are being deceived. Journalism no longer reports facts in an unbiased way, which is what they are supposed to do. In my lifetime it has changed from true journalism to the news media deciding to wield their power to manipulate the public and make the government they want, not what the majority want. They are trying to steal this election from us by slanted and untrue reporting and leaving a lot out entirely. You must dig deeper for the truth. Listen to Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity and you will get the truth.

What I want to share today is the result of a horrifying incident a couple of days ago. I have been frightened and sickened by finding so very many people who proudly declare they have chosen their candidate solely on the basis of race. That is the very definition of racism. Race is not a qualification for the highest office in our nation, nor is simply running for that office a qualification for it.

First, for all the people who somehow haven't met a dictionary and don't know what words actually mean, the word "racism" is defined as "making decisions on the basis of race". Clearly that means white or black, anyone who does this is racist, not only one race and it is always wrong.

And this leads to the even more horrifying information I just was told. Ready for the real shocker? We were told that "socialism" means "being friendlier, bringing people together and being a friendlier country!" ?????? This from a person with a masters degree and more!

Back to that largely unused book, the dictionary. Socialism is a system of government, just like capitalism and communism are systems of government. Socialism is all about redistribution of wealth. Take from those who have and give to those with less, even if they don't work. Obama has said if you and your spouse work hard and earn $250,000 a year, he's going to take a lot of it away and give to those who won't work. Just google Joe The Plumber and see for yourself! Socialism has been tried along with communism in many countries and it has never worked. It has created slave states where everyone is poor and no one strives for excellence because there is no possible reward for them personally to do so. Mediocrity and poverty, hopelessness and a horrible life without God have resulted every time it's been tried. Loss of freedom. Government telling you what you can and can't do.

Check out Joseph Stalin, Karl Marx, and Joseph Lenin, and see if you really want that in America. Do you want to stay free? Do you want freedom of worship? Do you want the ability to hope your children have a better life than you? Then the fact that Obama has declared socialistic policies from day one and has been endorsed by the Communist party of America who said, "At last we have one of our own!" should be enough to be sure we turn out in mass to vote this evil far from our country.

God save America!

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