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Gourd 7 by LynettesPhotoArt  

I hope she doesn't mind, but I have received this wonderful letter from a dear sister-in-Christ and I want to share it with you as an encouragement. Thank you so much for writing this to me!!!

We are in the last days and there will be many offended by those of us who take a stand for our Lord. The word tells us that we will one day rule and reign with Christ "if" we suffer. So this is just a sign of the times. Placing our hope and trust in "MAN" is just another lie from the pits of hell. If you look back to the Isrealites it was the opinions of man that kept them from entering into the promise. They valued "Mans" report rather than the PROMISE of God that HE would give them the land. We as believers are called to Trust and Obey and hold firm our confidence to the unseen things, there is a rest that still remains for those who overcome. SO the odds are that as the days grow short, there will be more and more offended. Paul says I forget what is behind and I look forward to what is ahead of me!!!! He says that we are running a race and that race calls for endurance and perserverance. KEEP ON RUNNINIG & KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE PRIZE....THAT PRIZE OF ONE DAY RULING AND REIGNING WITH JESUS IN THE HEAVENLIES......WHEN PRAISE GOD THIS WORLD WILL BE HIS FOOTSTOOL!!!!!! We have so much to look forward to.

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