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"Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord". Psalms 33:12

As this most important presidential election draws near, I just want to remind you again of the nationwide call to prayer at 9 PM eastern, 8 PM central time every night. We have been doing this for many months and have seen the rise of a valiant woman of God in this situation, I believe as an answer to prayer. She is a faithful, Holy Spirit filled Christian, strong, courageous and capable. She is God's Esther for this time. She is under tremendous attack by the forces of evil who see the light of God in her and the genuine threat to their plans for the destruction of our beloved nation and further discrimination of Christians in the attempt to stamp the Almighty completely out of America. We need to pray fervently and faithfully for God to protect her, her family and Mr. McCain, to open the deceived eyes of Americans and show them the truth about the opposition before we must all reap the consequences. Pray that He have mercy on America again, for the sake of the remnant of the faithful who serve Him, and not allow us to reap what we deserve.

I have heard many marvel at the abundant evidence showing who Mr. Obama really is and what he is about and yet it is hushed up and people ignore it like it was invisible. Many don't even cares that he can't prove he is an American born citizen, which is the most basic requirement for this office. He won't pledge allegiance to the very country he wants to run. He says he will bring unity to America while openly publishing in his book that he hates white people and gives the account of when he turned his back on his white mother's race. Unity? From an admitted racist? He doesn't directly use those words, but makes these points clear. He has been caught in lie after lie. His chosen close friendships have been shown to be violent racists and those who have committed terrorism against this great country and say they want to do more. He has openly declared in his book that if it comes down to Moslem or Christian, he is siding with Moslems - those who have declared war on America, all Christians and Jews, and have repeatedly attacked us on our own soil to show it is not just words. President? How could anyone vote for this??

This is scripture being fulfilled. Looking back America's history during my lifetime, I see many, many areas that America has kicked God out, even to the point of rewriting American history to eliminate Him and teaching this to our children as fact.

He said that when people reject Him long enough, they choose other gods over Him, He gives them over to believe lies. That is what we see happening in America with this campaign - people treating facts as if they are invisible and choosing a candidate for the highest office of our country based on skin color alone and ignoring the abundance of information clearly warning what the results would be. Just as He said that carnal people cannot understand spiritual things, that only spiritual people could discern spiritual things, so we see clearly a huge portion of our country is blind to the facts and the impending danger of their choice. It is scripture being fulfilled.

But there is still time to save America. Join with us in heartfelt prayer and fasting for our beloved America. She is worth it! Our futures are worth it. Our children's futures are worth it. If you want more of the facts, read the archived post in the left column titled "Awake America". And listen to Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. God save America!

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