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Most people think that Christians were persecuted and slaughtered only in the first century in Rome. I highly recommend picking up a copy of "Jesus Freaks" at any Christian book store and reading. It is powerful, humbling and a real faithbuilder. More people are martyred for the name of Christ every year than in all of the first century persecution together. Another great resource for the truth is Voice of the Martyrs who even have a map of all the parts of the world where Christians are imprisoned, tortured or killed TODAY to aid us in our prays.

We have supported a mission work very dear to our hearts for many years now in Rameswaram, India called Body of Christ Ministries. Their work is remarkable and has been accompanied by every miracle you read about in the New Testament - yes I said EVERY! These are the most humble servants you will ever meet. They are the real deal. No robes to bring attention and glory to themselves. No introducing themselves as "Prophet" or "Apostle" so'n'so. They just serve, at any cost, tirelessly, in all conditions, faithfully, for over thirty years now and God has brought great fruit. I hope you will take a moment and visit them. I pray that if the Lord touches your heart to support this amazing work He is doing in this Hindu nation, that you will support them financially as well as in prayer. It is greatly needed. They operate under the oversight of a group in Oregon, so you can be confident of how your money is used and your gifts are normal postage and all tax deductable.

Having said that, today we have received an update from our brethren in this work and I want to share with you. I'm paraphrasing: In the area of Orissa state, Hindu fanatics have been greatly persecuting Christians for many weeks and the Indian government is not taking serious action to stop it. They have been visiting Christians in Berempur Hospital and these are some of their stories.

Manini Digal is 14 yrs. old in the 9th grade is from Burakama village in Kandamaia district. Hindu fanatics attacked her house and beat all of her family members, raped her and poured gas on her to kill her. Her whole body was burnt, but somehow God has saved her life. When asked about her faith in Jesus, she said that she is closer to God now than before. She is not questioning God why all these things have happened to her. She loves Jesus and wants to follow Him until the end of her life.

We question God if we face any small difficulties. We could learn a lot from Manini.
Kameswar Digal is the village head (sarpanch) in Gunjiwadi village in Kandamala district and also a committed Christian leader in this village. Hindu fanatics attacked his village and started burning houses and killing Christians. He tried to stop the group. They cut his leg off and continued to burn houses. He is in the hospital in Berempur. He wants to go back to his village very soon and see his people and how they are doing. He is not worried about himself or his leg, but is more worried about the people in his village.

Brother Paulose who wrote all this added, "I feel ashamed to call myself a Christian leader. We Christian leaders have to learn a lot from this man about what it means to be a leader and what kind of sacrifice we need to make if we want to lead (serve) people."
Mrs. Lal Nayak is from Khandamala district. This family was attacked by Hindu fanatics and they have injured these people very badly with rods and swords. Mr. Lal died in the hospital. His wife is still in a coma and doesn't know that her husband has died.
Her husband's burial.
There are hundreds and thousands of stories to tell about these innocent people. They have even injured the children very badly. Here are more photos of victims in the hospital at Berempur district, Orissa state.

Brother Paulose closed saying: "Persecution is still going on in this state. Secular media and journalists are silent all these weeks. They have started publishing about these issues and started condemning publicly this week. Please pray for God's intervention." I join with him and ask you to intercede to our Heavenly Father on behalf of these helpless brethren being marytred for Christ, and also that He mature each of us spiritually here that our walks with Him would deepen so that we would have relationships with Him like these people do.

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2 comments: to “ GourdWhite 2 by LynettesPhotoArt

  • elnorac
    October 20, 2008 at 8:55 PM  

    Thanks for this gorgeous photo! Also, thanks for posting the stories about the persecuted people in India. Hope you won't mind if I comment further on that situation. My husband and I used to live in India and we've been back to visit a couple of times since we left there. Religious persecution is very common there, and not just against Christians, either. Hindus kill Muslims and Muslims kill Hindus, too. Many of the Christians in India are former Hindu untouchables who got fed up with being treated horribly by fellow Hindus. Christianity provides them with a religious community in which they aren't persecuted just for being born into an untouchable family. Thanks for sharing.

  • Anonymous
    October 21, 2008 at 1:51 PM  

    Thank you & blessings!

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