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As this most dangerous of all presidential elections draws ever nearer, more and more information is coming out about how many of the people Obama has hand chosen to be his advisors are openly Muslim and have close questionable ties to jihadist groups. If you recall, "jihad" is the Muslim declaration of war against America, all Christians and all Jews. Click the link to read an article.

In an America sick with misunderstanding about the term "tolerance", we have progressively embraced and elevated Muslims in our country to great heights ever since they attacked us on 9-11...this religion that preaches killing anyone who will not agree with them and submit to them. Islam is the absolute antithesis of "tolerance". Yet look at Obama and the support he's getting for his campaign despite his history, his published plan in his own book to side with Muslims over Christians, and his surrounding himself with Muslims in his campaign planning.

Has America no memory at all? These are the very people who killed so many innocent Americans on 9-11 and have continually been killing us overseas and plotting to kill on our soil, though thanks to the grace of God, we have been able to stop it here. They have declared war on us and continually act on it. A huge portion of the taxes we pay are going to trying to protect us from them and to fight the war against them. Are we really considering electing a man to our highest office who will not pledge allegience to our country and has told us he's on the Muslim's side?

See the picture below? This is part of a YouTube video of Islamic Day in New York City...the very city of their first attack on American innocents on our soil. They attacked us years before 9-11 trying to take the tower down and failed. So they attacked it TWICE! They were allowed to stop traffic on one of the busiest streets to pray to their false god.

See the flag? Does it look familiar? They took our American flag and removed our stars, which represent each separate state in the untion, replacing it with their Islamic symbols. How stupid are we???? They have made their plans for America clear for many years. They plan to take us by any means, and FORCE us to become Muslim. They've said so all along and continually act on it.

There are videos and articles all over where you can see them cheering saying, "God made Obama, we make him president!" What part of the fact that Muslims across the world are salavating to have him elected do we not get as a giant red flag as to his plans for America? Why would we vote ANYONE into ANY office who our declared enemies WANT in office???? THINK AMERICA! Click the image to see the video. There are countless videos and articles about this. Just look before it's too late!

Keep up the 8pm central time prayer vigil to the one and ONLY true living Almighty God - our hope is in Him alone.

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