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Acorns1 by LynettesPhotoArt  

I have been out of state for the last few days and I have come home to such a nice surprise - another award! Chelcee of has given me this award! How sweet of her! She makes such lovely things - if you haven't met her yet, you really should drop by her place. Thanks Chelcee!! Big hugs!
Now I'm supposed to tell you seven things that are important to me before I pass the award on.

1. My personal relationship with my Creator, my Savior and the Holy Spirit.
2. My second greatest blessings in this life, my daughters Ginger & you girls and I'm so proud of the women you are!!!
3. My precious, irreplaceable Muffypuppy. I miss you always my love. Thank you for all you gave me.
4. Being able to create beauty in PhotoShop. It's so wonderful having this creative outlet. I owe this to my husband who gave me PhotoShop and also the computer - and keeps it running.
5. My dear country. I'm still praying for you America...don't loose hope! Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world!!! 2 Chronicles 32:7
6. I love to decorate - anything!
7. I am always deeply awed by God's creation. It never ceases to take my breath away and turn my heart to praise and worship Him.

I am happy to give this award to these very deserving blogs:


Now for your freebie! I have made you some wonderful acorns to add to the Pumpkin Patch kit. You can download half of them today and the other half tomorrow. If you have missed the other parts of this kit, look in the archives in the left column. I've left all the links active so you can get it all! I would dearly love to see what you make with my freebies and would happily display them here. Enjoy!

If you download, leave me some love and God bless your use of it!
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