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All it takes for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing.

Get out and VOTE! Make your voice heard! Don't listen to the lies of the liberal media saying it's over before election day! If we don't do our civic duty and vote, we will have no right to complain afterward.

God bless and preserve America!!!

(This is a document I have just received.)

I have learned these things listening to the mainstream media the last few days. A few things about the GOP's VP nominee, but also had to learn a few things on my own.

1. From the media I learned that Sarah Palin's husband has a DUI conviction from 22 years ago.

On my own I learned that Ted Kennedy (hero of last week's tribute at the DNC) was drunk while driving a car off a bridge in Chappaquiddick. That same crash killed a young campaign volunteer with whom he was having an affair. Oh, and that woman was pregnant with his child.

*Mr. Palin's (who is not running for office) DUI came a mere 4 years after Barack Obama (who is running for president) stopped using cocaine and marijuana (by his own admission in his autobiography).

Shocking - it's OK for the presidential candidate to use illegal drugs or the party patriarch to kill someone while driving drunk, yet the husband of the VP candidate should be demonized for something done 22 years ago.

2. From the media I learned that Sarah Palin's daughter is pregnant.

*On my own I learned that Obama's mother was an unmarried street hippy in Honolulu, Hawaii, when she conceived Obama.

*On my own I learned that Joe Biden's (the other VP candidate) son was paid a large amount of money as a consultant to credit card company MBNA. That same company had business before Senator Joe Biden concerning regulation of consumer credit practices. After the company paid a hefty sum to Mr. Biden's son, he voted in favor of legislation to help that company. That same son, Hunter, is also engaged in a leal investigation and suit for defrauding a former business partner.

Shocking - it's a crime for the republican VP candidate to have a child who's pregnant even though it's irrelevant to how she performs her job. It's ok if the democrat Presidential candidate's unwed mother conceived him out of wedlock. It's ok, however, for the democratic VP candidate while a senator to vote in favor of a company who paid his son over a quarter of a million dollars.

3. From the media I learned that Sarah Palin should be considered "selfish" for agreeing to run for VP knowing about her daughter's pregnancy. Knowing that her public role would bring extra scrutiny on the family is selfish and she should have declined to protect her child (actually heard this on ABC this weekend).

Strange - the same people who said Sarah is selfish for running for VP did not seem to care about any impact on Chelsea when Bill Clinton committed adultery in the actual Oval Office with Monica Lewinsky and then committed perjury about it. That was a private, personal matter you see.

4. From the media I have learned to be "concerned" that Sarah Palin probably won't be able to manage her family and do an effective job of being VP at the same time.

Funny - I never heard anything about Hillary's ability to support Chelsea while re-doing healthcare or any of the other feminist icons who say you can balance work and the family. They also never mention that Barack will have to balance time with his children while meeting with heads of rogue nations or how Joe Biden's kids don't even have a mom and will be fighting for his time while he hosts white house coffee fundraisers and sells nights in the Lincoln bedroom..

5. From the media I have learned that Sarah Palin is "too inexperienced" to be a heartbeat - away from the presidency.

*Apparently taking on corruption in your own party and running a state that's the same size people-wise as Delaware (hint hint: that's where Joe Biden is from) is not really experience.

*However, time spent as a "community organizer" and less than 180 days in the senate where you've authored no significant legislation is just the type of "change" we're looking for from the top of the ticket (Obama).

Funny - inexperience at the top of the ticket is a mantra for "change" and "hope" while strong practical everyday experience as the #2 is cause for concern.

6. From the media I learned that Sarah Palin's husband once got a ticket for fishing without a license.

*I haven't heard much about the fact that if he were still a practicing attorney, the VP candidate Joe Biden, would be disbarred for plagiarism, not once but multiple times. It's ok to break the rules if you're a democrat candidate, but not OK if you are the spouse of a republican candidate.

7. From the media I learned that Sarah Palin doesn't know much about Iraq; in fact we wonder if she even knows where it is.

*Sarah's son volunteered into the US military and is now deployed in Iraq. I guess that doesn't count. Sarah has spent more time with troups in Iraq (as commander of the Alaska National Guard she visited Iraq last year) than Obama has even while running for president. In fact, when Sarah went to Iraq she spent time with the troops. When Obama went there, he skipped a base visit to instead go work out at the Ritz Carlton.

8. From the media I learned that Sarah Palin is a "lightweight" and she better be a "quick study" to keep up with this team.

Funny, nobody is talking about how, after Barack Obama Had "visited 57 states" according to him he only had "5 more to go" or endless other stupid gaffes that exposed who he really is.

9. From the media I had learned that (gasp!), Sarah Palin's husband was once a registered memeber of a 3rd party that favored states' rights (man, that is really bad stuff).

*That same media has been silent to the story that when Barack Obama announced his first senate run, he did so in the home of William Ayers. Mr. Ayers is an un-repentant terrorist convicted for bombing the pentagon. This same Mr. Ayers said on 9/11 that he and his group did not do enough harm to our military and he wished he had done more. During the same time as that comment, he was serving on a board with Barack Obama. All notes and information about their serving together is now locked up by the corrupt Chicago machine and reporter access to those records are being blocked by the Obama campaign.

If we've had any doubts about the bias of the media, it's pretty clear now where they stand. Pass this on to some of your friends who are on the fence and who get all their information from Katie Couric, Wolf Blitzer, Tom Brokaw, Charlie Gibson and the gang. This is egregious and corrupt. The only way to stop it is to spread information using other outlets and make these guys irrelevant.

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