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I copied this from Pastor Ken's blog.

Let not your Heart be TROUBLED!

Mark 4:39 And he arose, and rebuked the wind, and said unto the sea, Peace, be still. And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm. And he said unto them, Why are ye so fearful? how is it that ye have no faith?

Mark 5:34 And he said unto her, Daughter, thy faith hath made thee whole; go in peace and be whole of thy plague.

The message is simple, direct and very powerful; do not be afraid, He is with you. Let not your heart be troubled, the Father is present in this place. By faith reach out and touch Him as He passes you by, touch Him with faith and with love and He will stop and touch you with His mercy and grace.

Let not your heart be troubled, He has not left any of us alone; He has not withdrawn His Spirit from us. He has not denied any of us access to His throne of grace. His ears are not stopped up and His power has not diminished. His hand is still ready to heal, to deliver, to perform mighty miracles and to display His wonders among us to His glory.

Let not your heart be troubled, this is not the end but this is the beginning. The sun is not setting, the sun is rising. So lift your hands and embrace the warmth of the Holy Spirit and let Him fill your hands and arms as if they were wings and let the wind of the Holy Spirit fill your wings. Rise above all circumstances conditions and every sin that might beset you or weigh you down. Let not your heart be troubled, these are exciting times if you will receive God’s word into your heart and life!

We stand at the threshold of something new, something fresh and an opportunity given to us by God. This is not the time to circle the wagons, this is the time to put on the armor of God, stand up and attack! Attack the lack, attack the darkness attack the places where we have become lazy and begin to strengthen and discipline those places and parts of us that are sorely lacking the power, the spirit and the vitality of God!

This is an opportunity which we need to seize for if opportunity passes us by and we do not respond, the opportunity is lost forever! Do we stand shivering in fear on river bank or do we dive into the river? Do we stand and watch the river flow by us or we dive in and become filled and baptized to overflowing? It is a singular and individual challenge as well as a collective and corporate challenge. As members individually and as a church body, we have responsibility as well as opportunity to walk into new fields and new ventures for the kingdom of God. Let not your heart be troubled; dive in; the water is fine!

Look around you and what do you see? Darkness and depression is on every hand and sin abounds in unprecedented measure. There are so many negatives that we can focus on and if we do, we will become depressed and negative as well.

Many feel there is no hope. Do not let circumstances and events rob you of your hope and of your joy!

Southern Tennessee and Northern Alabama needs a revival. Our nation needs a revival! And we can be used by God to spark this revival if we want to. It will take much discipline, fasting, praying and dedication. But how many would like to see thousands of people coming to God’s house to repent and be transformed into a new creation by God through the Holy Spirit. How would you like to see this and know that you had a part in it? Well you and I and all of us can if we have the courage the strength and the determination.

It’s time to shake off the slumber and rise up with the sword of the Spirit; be refilled afresh and anew with the Holy Ghost; become fire baptized, put on the armor of God and enter the fray! Who will be a bold soldier of the cross? Who will stand against the powers of darkness? Those powers are powers of destruction, deception and devastation. But our weapons are mighty because our weapons are from the Almighty! We can pull down the strongholds of darkness and it is time we as God’s people stood and began to take back the ground we have lost. Let not your heart be troubled; we are more than conquerors! We have God on our side and He is not just mighty, He is ALL mighty!

John 14:1-3

Let not your heart be troubled; we believe in God don’t we? Then let us believe in Jesus and His words of comfort when He said you believe in God so believe also in Me.

For many the future looks very dark and gloomy and that may well be. America has made a bad choice recently. But look, our weapons of the warfare are powerful and mighty to the pulling down of strongholds!

I call the church to join together and pray against this darkness that has invaded our land. This is an opportunity for the church to unite, spread the Gospel and pull down this wall of darkness and defeat the powers of darkness.

We have the light of Christ within us, let's shine the light so all can see our Father....

Let's do (the church) what WE are supposed to will all be OK...just be the church!

I call every Pastor, Teacher and Leader and Member of the Body of Christ to arms....armed with the armor of Christ.... walk in His love, power and faith.

It will all turn out good.... I promise. (Rev 20-12)

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