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Today is a special day. I'm going to do a random act of kindness to thank those who have left me the most comments recently. I plan to do this every once in a while from now on to thank you for taking a moment to post me.
Most comments I receive are through 4shared, though here on each post is much easier to keep up with and I don't miss any. As we've all noticed, 4shared has changed how you comment when you download a freebie. I realize many won't want to leave comments on 4shared with these changes, so I've been adding encouragement to every post for everyone to comment at the bottom of the post when they download. What has happened is that almost no one is commenting either place now, and I MISS YOU!

Since starting this blog, I work virtually full time finding things for you, doing photography, making freebies, getting them ready to put up here, getting them up and then writing you posts that are worth your time to read and hopefully will enrich your lives. I also spend time praying for each and every one of you. I do this of my own free choice in service to the Most High God and any reward will be from Him. But it is such an encouragement when you write. Instead of all this work disappearing silently into the net, you put a person into the equation and you bless me so.

THANK YOU to everyone who took a moment to say thanks!!!!!

I have looked back over recent downloads and a few names show up most often. You are the ladies I want to give a special gift to as my thank you for your saying thank you! LOL! If you would each e-mail me (found in my profile), and tell me which nickname you are on the list below, I will e-mail you your gift and no one else will get this gift. Each time I do this it will be a new gift that you can only get for free if you have commented a lot.

So now you are thinking, anyone can write and say they are one of these ladies...
Yup! Sure could. But there is One who sees everything, who we will ALL answer to one day, so you might want to reconsider doing that. After all, the only reason I do all this work for this blog is to spread the Gospel of Salvation and everything here has been free. ??? The choice is yours.

Drum roll please......
I am awarding this special thank you gift to:

  • Ajila (not to worry - Lord willing I have all 29 nylon bows scheduled to give away - just breaking it up with other things for people who don't want the bows)
  • Nana
  • Crosstown
  • C from Paris
  • Lucy
  • Elizabeth
  • Tabasco 7992
One more thing...I am very quickly using up my storage on 4shared and to continue giving you daily freebies, I will need to purchase more space. If you like getting the goodies, please consider donating any amount to my PayPal account toward the expenses of keeping the blog going. Just go to, (you don't need to have an account there to do this), enter my e-mail as the person you want to send funds to and it will walk you quickly through the process. No donation is too small. Thank you sooooo much!

Now for today's freebie! More of God's beautiful gift of nature to us. He has created such an immense variety of beautiful things to give us joy, just because He loves us. Let's not fail to appreciate this great gift and give Him thanks and glory for who He is and all He's done for us. After all, there is no "mother nature", but there is Father God who actually made everything that is!

What is the difference between a flower and a weed?
One grows easily without any effort and the other takes work.

That said, I think it's an error that so many dismiss the beauty of many plants simply because they are considered "weeds".

I LOVE using pods and berries in LOs. They add such richness, interest and depth to our designs. I have prepared quite a few wonderful gifts of different pods and berries for your fall and Christmas LOs. This is the first one.

Sumac is shorter than most native trees and fills in beneath, seldom noticed. Their time of glory is in the fall. You start to notice them because they change their "blending in" coats for spectacular garments of yellows into oranges into reds into magnificent crimsons before they are done! Wow! They are spectacular along the roadsides and the hills! Then to top it off, when the leaves fall, they leave us with thick clusters of deep rich red berries of velvet! Irresistible!
So, today your freebies are gorgeous Sumac Berries! How gorgeous will these be in your fall and winter LOs!

If you download, leave me some love at the bottom of this post and God bless your use of it!
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