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Today I'd like to share a gem my daughter gave me this week. I hope it blesses you as much as it is blessing me.

I have just completed my "life's work". That which I leave for those who come after me. Something I've literally spent years and many thousands of hours, (and money), creating. I have poured myself into this in every way, to an extent you can't imagine. It was initially for my daughters and their children after them, but because my Lord taught me to treat others the way I wish to be treated, I naturally thought to bless everyone in my immediate family, as it applies equally to them. I spent months trying to wrangle some way I could pay for each to have their own.

That was a few days ago. My world has changed greatly since then and it will never be the same. To my great shock, unimaginable evil attacked me in the very act of laying my life's work before those I loved and served. My gift of love. My gift of myself. On top of that, this was to be my entire Christmas for everyone. Now there is nothing and no way to regroup.

For the record, my daughters both love and appreciate the gift I tried to give them, as they've watched me labor on it so long and know the price I've paid for doing it. They are being such a blessing upholding me spiritually in this devastating time that no one could have imagined.

And here is my reason for sharing something so personal - the gem from my daughters that has amazed me and I am still holding in prayer.

I said, "This is not how I pictured finally finishing this and offering it to my loved ones.

She said, "God offered the greatest gift anyone could ever give, salvation, to the world of souls He loved so much...and it didn't go as you'd expect either. Crucifixion."

Wow. That hit me and put things in perspective.

Then she said, "But then He took what the enemy meant for evil and turned it into the glory of the Resurrection!"

If you aren't shouting now, check your pulse!

The only other thing I can add to that is to remind you of the verse that tells us not to expect to be treated better than our Master was. John 15:20

Now for today's goodie. I choose to respond to this situation by giving EXTRA GOODIES to you because of what has been done to me. You see, satan had his plans and he has taken his pound of flesh, but I WILL NOT give him more of a victory over me than he has already achieved! I will rejoice because MY GOD IS GREATER than anything man or the devil can do to me and He has saved my soul from hell! I will not serve the devil by responding in kind or becoming bitter or stopping giving to others because of what's been done. The Word of God tells me that I am more than a conqueror through Christ and I believe His Word! So enjoy today's extra goodies (and yesterday's) and spit at the devil when he comes skulking about you! He is a defeated foe. Christ won the victory on the cross and all we have to do is align ourselves with the winning team! Praise you Lord! It is hard and hurts terribly now, but in You I know all is well and I praise Your Holy Name!

I designed this in this blue for the photo I was working with, but also liked it so well with normal colors that I'm going to offer it to you in both versions! Your choice!

Credits and thanks to Aprilmouse & Hanulienka for the snowflake, red ribbon and evergreen and to for the background paper (which I have altered) and one last thank you to for the red & white bow. The red berries and snowbird are mine and will be freebies this month, so don't miss a day!

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