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  • "I, even I, am He who comforts you.
  • Who are you that you are afraid of man who dies,
  • and of the son of man who is made like grass;
  • that you have forgotten the Lord your maker,
  • Who stretched out the heavens,
  • And laid the foundations of the earth;
  • That you fear continually all day long because of the fury of the oppressor,
  • As he makes ready to destroy?
  • But where is the fury of the oppressor?
  • I am the Lord your God, who stirs up the sea and its waves roar (the Lord of hosts is His name).
  • And I have put My words in your mouth, and have covered you with the shadow of My hand, to establish the heavens, to found the earth, and to say to Zion, 'You are My people.'" Isaiah 51:12-13, 15-16
This is an ornament my daughter bought when we were at Disneyland's 50th Anniversary on Christmas Day. Enjoy!

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