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I hope we are all taking time to pray for our service personal across the world and their families. This is something we should do always because they are in harms way and away from loved ones to protect US and OUR freedom. They are paying the price. It's especially difficult for them this time of year, so let's not miss any opportunity to do good for their families. We are given only today - let's make the most of it!

Special prayers for those who are wounded and those who have lost their loved ones. It's too easy to just walk through each day and forget those who are making "this day" possible for us. Let's lift them before our Father's throne most tenderly and lovingly, every day. Merry Christmas to all of you who are military families or have loved ones who are! God bless every one of you!!!

And one last word...I want to give thanks for the special someone in our lives who God has brought home safely very recently and who is growing in the Lord in most wonderful ways! We thank You and praise You Lord!

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