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Saturday my daughters took me to see the Radio City Rockettes and the Grinch Ice Show, then we walked around the winter wonderland of the Opryland Hotel, their gift to me. Wow! I am so blessed to have such wonderful daughters!

They don't allow cameras at the Rockettes, so I have nothing to share with you, but here are some pictures from the ice show and the Opryland Hotel. Hope you enjoy! Much warmer seeing them this way! LOL! Here's the man himself in an igloo.
These people are going up to slide down the ice slide. Sweet who babies!
The nativity is too huge for one picture, and these really don't do it justice. There's much more than shown here. It's truly marvelous.

The impact this one has is impressive! He towers over you and is just awesome! Makes me think of when our Lord returns and the trumpet will sound and the shout of the archangel and the Lord will descend and we who are His will rise to meet Him in the air, changed in the twinkling of an eye to be like Him, and ever more we will be with the Lord! Hallelujah, come Lord Jesus!
These three are of the Opryland Hotel. I simply couldn't get my camera set right for the lighting so...this is all I have to share. It's such an awesome place even in the summer, but Christmas, well, there's no place like it!
These are topiary reindeer!
That's a giant Christmas tree in the middle. Today's freebie is nothing short of fabulous in my opinion. I made him for you from my anniversary trip to the Smokeys this November. Would love to see how you use him!
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