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"He sends forth His command to the earth; His word runs very swiftly.
He gives snow like wool; He scatters the frost like ashes.
He casts forth His ice as fragments; Who can stand before His cold?
He sends forth His Word and melts them; He causes His wind to blow and the waters to flow." Psalm 147:15-18

Here is a review of all the Christmas goodies I have given you. I know this preview is too small to show how nice the graphics are, but I hope it will be of help to you making sure you didn't miss anything. You can find the same previews in the right column and click them for a huge image you can see great. If you have missed any, you will find them in the archives in the left column in the same order as I show them in the picture. The first one was at Thanksgiving so look in November, and the last one will be posted very soon.
And since all the natural elements make your Christmas LOs even more special, here is a review of all the Pods & Berries I have given you. Again, you can click this picture in the right column for a huge preview you can see easily and the links are in the archives in the left column in this same order.
Here is the review of the Pumpkin Patch designs. At the end is a QP that hasn't been given yet, but will be shortly. After QPs I like to list the elements I used so you can go get them - explaining listing some items more than once! Just seemed it would help you.
This adorable snowman was made by my even more adorable nephew Joey. I know you can use this so many ways!

If you download, leave me some love at the bottom of this post and God bless your use of it!
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The password is jesuschristislord.

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