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Who Am I by Casting Crowns  

Today I'm sharing another beautiful video. This time it's Casting Crowns singing "Who Am I". The lyrics are on the video so I won't repeat them here.

Our lives tend to be like a pendulum. We swing from one extreme to the other and miss the correct and healthy place of balance in the middle. This subject of who I am is one such subject. When America was first founded for the freedom to worship the God of the Bible in any way one wanted, the doctrine about who we are was quite stoic. They took the truth of God's word that tells us we are miserable sinners and no better than worms and that God was a stern God to be the whole truth. As a result, they expected suffering and a grim life full of varying degrees of self-loathing and fear.

In my lifetime America moved into the knowledge that God is love, and this is true also. Doctrine swung so far to this side that it left the truth of the unsaved individual's condition being exactly what we just described above. This has lead to tremendous watering down of the truth of God's word, eliminating the black and white delineations between sin and righteous living and has taught people that everyone is God's child and going to heaven. This no more true than the first extreme, only this one costs people their souls. Many who think they are saved are not according to God's word. Multitudes also believe that if they are simply a nice person and don't go around killing others, they will get to heaven. Also a lie that has eternal consequences.

Then the pentecostal and charismatic movements took the question of who am I to another place. They noticed the verses that tell us that after we become Christians, we are children of God, which is truth, "King's Kids", "Royal", etc. They came up with all manner of prideful, self-righteous, arrogant, boastful terms lauding our redeemed relationship to the God of creation. People still today pridefully boast to others that they are this royalty, use rich crowns and royal purple in their homes to flaunt this and even on business cards. They are puffing themselves up and taking all the focus off the God who has saved them - putting all the glory on themselves. If they would read more of God's word they'd see that pride is an ugly sin He condemns and humility is venerated by our God and King. He teaches repeatedly to take the less honorable seat and then if your host moves you up higher, you are honored and not shamed when you have seated yourself in too high a seat of honor and he comes and moves you down for another to take your place.

The truth lies in a balance of all three of these. Yes, God is a stern and harsh God demanding obedience and His wrath is on those who do not obey for all eternity, so we do well to reverently fear Him. Yes, before we come to Him for salvation, we are indeed filthy sinners, worms and we are correct to hate ourselves. But it is also true that He is love! That once we have come to Him and repented of our sins and taken Jesus as our Savior, and obeyed Him in being immersed in water baptism in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, we are no longer that person! He tells us we are a NEW CREATION and the old things have passed away! He removes our sin from us and remembers it no more, hallelujah! We are no longer filthy sinners! As we are washed white as snow and set in the high places with Him, we fall in love with Him. We are indeed adopted as children of the Most High God! But not so that we can then immerse ourselves in the sin of pride and self-centeredness! He tells us to model our lives after Jesus Christ, the Son of God. You will not find a single passage where Jesus ever was prideful or boastful. He stated the truth, which was indeed something to be proud of, but He was always humble. We are to do the same.

This song puts the answer of "Who Am I" right on the mark! Do watch it - it's only a couple of minutes and it's lyrics are so powerful and the presentation is beautiful! God bless you all!

Today I have made you a cluster. I made it 12" so you could use it alone on a page if you want, or resize it for other applications. In the next few days I'm going to give you a variation of this one and the elements in the clusters that I haven't already given you. Check the archives in the left column for those you have missed and enjoy! (The marbles came out fabulous!!! Yeah!)

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