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My husband was flipping the channels recently and witnessed the most shocking and sad commentary on the reprobate condition of our dear country yet. He flipped past the sick and filthy Jerry Springer show. People were using filthy language discussing an evil behavior. They didn't beep out one filthy or curse word. They said "satan" and they didn't beep it out. But when a woman started praying for the person in Jesus' name, THEY BLEEPED "JESUS" AS IF IT WERE A CURSE WORD!!! Actually worse than a curse word as they didn't beep out any of them.

It brought to mind the scriptures telling us how He was and would be hated by this world and His name a byword. Who would have thought that in America, the only nation in the history of this world that was founded for the purpose of freedom to worship Almighty God as you wish, this could be. This nation that God has protected and prospered beyond all others. And to show our gratitude, today, America cannot kick Him out fast enough. God help us if they succeed. America may well discover what life is like without the favor of God. He has surely demonstrated the verse that He is slow to anger, but judgment will surely come if we do not all repent from our hearts and return to Him as our God. As wonderful as the love of God is, the wrath of God is a terrible thing. And His wrath is just.

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