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Many people have never personally witnessed a genuine, documented miracle. I have been privileged to witness many, and I'm not talking about, "I had the sniffles and now I'm better". Today I'm going to share a very personal and very powerful miracle, with the permission of the friend involved. I hope you can receive the importance of this - it could change your life and your walk with your Savior.

I have a friend who lives on the other side of the world, literally. When I met her, every time I e-mailed her, the Holy Spirit of God was all over me in a powerful and most exciting way. I remember writing to her that God must be so in love with her and I thought this manifestation from Him must mean something wonderful was going to happen in her life soon. She and her husband are Christians and as we got to know each other better, I learned they have been trying to become parents for six years. I hoped this is what God was going to do and I've prayed for it ever since.

Not long ago she wrote and ... yes! She was pregnant! But only a couple of days after getting the good news, she started hemorrhaging and was told it was an ectopic pregnancy. That's when the baby stays in the fallopian tube. This will kill the mother if not taken care of and normally, immediately. They put her on bedrest to slow the bleeding and they were having to wait days for the specialist to be available to help her. She bled heavily for days.

The next Sunday after I learned this, I asked for prayers at morning worship. I sat in for her spiritually and the pastor anointed me with oil as the scriptures say, and our entire little congregation laid hands on me and we all prayed for her. When we got home I e-mailed her what we'd done and told her I was expecting a miracle.

I checked my e-mail at 10:30 pm before I went to bed that night. I was stunned to see a letter from her titled "answered prayers"! She restated how many days she had bled heavily and she was flat in bed...then it suddenly stopped completely! It didn't slow down and stop, it just stopped! They figured out the day and time differences between us and said it stopped right when we were praying for them on the other side of the world!

She said she even stood and washed dishes and no bleeding! The doctors did another test. This time with four doctors instead of the the original two. She said she was crying when they started the test. They asked her why and she said because she knew her God had healed her! They could not understand what they were seeing. They kept looking at her three pregnancy tests and the original tests showing the ectopic pregnancy, but the new test showed no signs of this at all and no damage at all as there should have been. They said this cannot happen, but it did.

She was well. She traveled many hours away from medical help for a several day trip. That is how well she was even after days of heavy hemorrhaging! She doesn't even need to wait to try to get pregnant again - there is no damage! She has told everyone who will listen what God has done for her! People have asked her to write it out for them. I wanted to share with you too to build your faith and give God glory. It's so wonderful! I believe she will be pregnant soon again and this time it will be wonderful!

As I said, I have been blessed to witness and even personally experience several miracles of God, but though we are not surprised that He can and will, it is always amazing and we are in awe of Him! May it never change.

Something else I want to point out is, there was no rich televangelist involved, just a pastor who works a regular job so he can preach without charge. There was no "magic water, handkerchief" or any other superstitious item involved. No memorized "holy incantations". This happened with I think seven adults and a teenager praying in a cold, rather dirty cement warehouse with a freezing cold cement floor, no band or choir providing "holy background music", no religious trappings at all. Just a few souls saved by the grace and blood of Jesus, believing His Word, following His directions and praying in faith for a sister they had never met. God is awesome!

A true Christian walk is the greatest adventure available in this life! Hallelujah Lord! You are beyond description and we worship You! May Your will be done in our lives and may You be glorified forever!

When I gave you my "Merry Christmas Text Cluster" I told you I had either already given you the elements or I would soon. This is the evergreen I used. I love it this way, but I also will select it, make a new layer, fill it with a dark green, then change the blending mode to overlay for a nice green needles and black branch effect. This is such a great element - I would love to see what you do with it!

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