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My favorite secular book has always been Hind's Feet On High Places by Hannah Hurnard, written in 1955. It's a powerful allegory of the Christian journey. It speaks to me deeply. I'm not saying that I agree with everything the woman ever said or believed in her life, but this book is awesome. I once read it aloud into a tape recorder so my mother could hear it - LOTS of cassettes! I've given many of the books away over the years. I would highly recommend your reading it.

The reason I shared that is this Heart Flowers cluster I made with my Bead Heart brings to mind the "seed of love" that the "Shepherd" planted in Much Afraid's heart at the beginning of her journey, the process as it grew and how it ultimately flowered into to real love and changed her so that she received a new name. She loved and was loved in return! Ohhh...I think I need to leave the computer for a while and read it all over yet again! And what a perfect season to read it again...Valentine's Day! I do love You so my sweet Savior!!!!

Today I'm giving you the heart I beaded on a crazy quilt I made my youngest daughter years ago. And I'm also giving you this precious cluster I made with my Bead Heart. I can't wait to get to play with it myself!

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