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Isn't this a beautiful and rich heart? I have had a lot of fun creating it and using it on other compositions too. But it's fake. It is a cheap illustration of the concept of love. It is an illusion.
In today's world, with technology making so much possible in movies and things, our concept of what's real is being affected.

When we have an emotional response of strong attraction to something or pleasure we say we "love it". Do we really love that food? That car? That movie? That music? That piece of clothing? More accurately we should say that we "really like it", it's our "favorite", we "really enjoy it" or something like that. Love is so much more.

Love is the father who works a job he hates every single day, on time and doing the best work he is capable of, to support his family's needs. Love is the expectant mother who refuses to drink alcohol, smoke, or even take prescription drugs when she's got a cold or headache, because she is carrying an unborn life that can be adversely affected by it. Love is the rescue worker, soldier, police officer who puts their lives on the line for a stranger. Love is teaching your child right from wrong, giving them firm, consistent boundaries and consequences that they might have a good, happy and productive life, even if they get mad at you and say hurtful things. (Remember, God made you their parent, not their best friend. They can have other best friends. They only have you as mother/father and that's what they need you to be).

Love is what God is, not what He has or does, it's what He is. All love we feel in this life is a shadow and reflection of His love for us. Love is all that God has done to bring us to the point of choosing to have an intimate love relationship with Him or not.

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