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I got this marvelous drawing in e-mail and thought it would bless you too. You do remember the Miracle on the Hudson that just happened so recently? Isn't it interesting how we remember things we want God to do for us that don't happen, for a very long time, but when He does something astounding, we marvel for a moment, then quickly forget it, only to return to wallow in our "He didn't do this for me" pile? That makes the enemy of our souls very happy and really harms our outlook and our faith.

We need to always remember that God knows everything and we know a very small part. He has promised to always cause all things to work for our good when we are His and living faithfully. Romans 8:28 So when we ask Him for things and they don't happen, we need to realize that He knows best and though it seemed a good thing to us, He knows the entire picture and the eternal consequences of our request and He's loving us with His answer of "yes, no" or "wait". "Be still and know that I am God." Psalms 46:10

Remember that we are admonished repeatedly in the Bible to glorify God for His works and tell others. That's not because He needs us to pump Him up. That's because we need to focus our minds on His good works for our own good. It will improve our lives amazingly! Praise God for what He did in the Miracle on the Hudson!!!

I am giving this Ribbon Rose Cluster to you in eight different color combinations. If you miss any they will be in the archives in the left column.

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