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Before I share today this is so funny...I was on my way to post on Kyra's blog that I was giving her an award and in my e-mail she was giving me one, and an Oscar at that! LOL! Wow am I blessed, that's 4 awards in about four days! Thank you so much Kyra!
I'm passing this award on to these deserving blogs:

This is a sweet prayer written by Ralph E. Dessem:

Father, our faith contains such splendid glowing nouns: blessing, goodness, peace, heaven. These are words rich in meaning and feeling to us. But somehow the verbs don't give us the same comfortable warmth: go, do , come help, forgive, work, pardon, love. They require of us not just feeling, but an action. We must involve ourselves and get our hands dirty, and we have often been unwilling to do this. Forgive us, Lord, and help us to realize that You expect us to forgive and help others, as You have forgiven us and are helping us each day, through Christ. Amen.

I am giving this Ribbon Rose Cluster to you in eight different color combinations. After this one I'm going to take a break for a few days so I can give you some other pretty Valentine gifts. After that I'll give you the last four Ribbon Rose Clusters, so don't think I've forgotten! If you miss any they will be in the archives in the left column.

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