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I found a great site while visiting the Scrappin' Cop. It's called YourFont and you can make a font from your own handwriting that works in both PC and Mac in any software...and it's FREE! How fun it'll be scrapping our family's memories in our own handwriting! But here's a thought my daughter gave me...though this makes it possible to add our actual signature to things with one keystroke and that's pretty cool...might not be a good idea to use it on line, like on our blog posts, etc. Identity theft is the fastest growing crime and if we literally hand them our legal signature on top of their stealing our personal info, it could make it MUCH harder to dispute that it wasn't you doing the contested transactions. Remember that all they have to do is right click almost any graphic on line and they can save it to their computer...including your signature.

Have you ever noticed how your handwriting tells things about you? Some have very free and artsy signatures and that shows us they are creative, free and easy. Others write tiny, tight letters showing they are constricted and all bunched up inside. Some print oh so neatly showing they might be a draftsman, engineer or someone who works with precise things. Maybe their signature isn't even legible showing they just can't be bothered! Ok, these are not carved in granite, but our handwriting does show things about who we are inside.

Consider that God's handwriting completely covers this earth He has made. Ponder what His handiwork says about Him, about who He is. The grandure of mountain scenes. The soft and tender spring meadow dotted with flowers and butterflies. Powerful waves crashing on breakers. His brush strokes from one edge of the sky to the other, dramatic and different every morning and night. Dazzling rainbows as reminders of His promise. The ballet of schools of fish in the sea mirrored in the flocks of the skies. The contrast of thundering waterfalls and delicate mist rising from them. Graceful swans and ungainly warthogs. The softness of fur and the hardness of shells. The songs of birds and the roars of lions. Color. Music. Dance. Love. Beauty. Power. Majesty. Purity. So much more than I can write here. Let's really look at God's handwriting and ask Him to revel Himself deeper to us and let's praise Him for all He is and all He does and all He will do for those who love Him and take Jesus as their Savior.

Want a Winnie update? She nibbled her first greens today and has moved up to a much bigger syringe for her formula.
But she's still just a little baby who wants to be held all the time. And yes, that's her hind foot covering her face.
This is a very soft and lovely 12" leaf swirl that can easily be sized down. It looks translucent, but it's actually opaque. Still I like it best on light backgrounds. I can't wait to get a chance to use this...or anything I've made for you!! LOL! The tiny crocus flowers are courtesy of Grannyart - thank you! She gives so much away every day and with no restrictions on use - be sure to drop by and thank her!

If you download, please leave me a comment at the bottom of this post as I have disabled 4shared comments. This helps me to know what you like for the future. God bless you!
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