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A few years ago my husband brought a very unusual present home from was about 1 1/2" long, pink, curled in a ball, no fur, eyes closed...I didn't know what it was. It turned out to be a baby squirrel! We raised it and she went everywhere with me, nestling in my clothes against my skin to stay warm. I was given many opportunities to bless others with a chance to see and safely pet a baby squirrel and talk about his/our Creator.

Then the time came to release her into the wild, as God has created her to be wild. Love means doing what's best for the one you love, not what's best for you. We found a halfway house where a window is always open if they want to come in.

When we returned home, I caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror. I noticed my arms in the mirror. They looked like I’d had Edward Scissorhands for a pet. My arms were covered with scratches and dried blood turning to scabs. I sadly realized that soon, all traces of her in my life would be gone from sight. (She hadn’t meant to hurt me, but God had given her very sharp claws so she could climb trees, and I was her tree.) I had rarely even noticed the discomfort when she was still with us. I thought, “I would gladly hurt and bleed the rest of my life simply for the joy of being with her”. Then God showed me that it is the same for Him. We cause Him pain all the time, though we don’t mean to, and He too has shed blood for us, but that it is all nothing to Him for the joy of being with us.

Wow. Amazing! Hard to believe, but true. Such an insight and a powerful lesson He gave me from our precious Scrat Baby. Thank you Lord! And thank you for the mark she’s left in my life.

March 16 a call came - my daughters had a friend who had found a baby squirrel and they were helping. They want to take care of it, but they both work 2-3 jobs and one is finishing college. Obviously no time and no way to make feedings every 2 hrs. They knew how special Scrat had been in our lives, so now we have a new Scrat Baby! This one's MUCH older, probably 4 1/2 weeks by her development according to charts I've found on line, though they don't match up with my experience with Scrat.

I have to laugh, that we have spent two long, painful years alone since loosing our precious, irreplaceable Muffypuppy on Good Friday, then He sends us a terribly sick puppy 3 wks. ago, requiring lots of extra care (while I was sick too), and now the new Scrat Baby and all the care she takes - at the same time! LOL! Will make me think twice before I pray for others that God will "bless you till you can't stand it!" again! At least we are finally pretty much over our many weeks of being sick now. Puppy steadily improves and now I'm remembering I'm no good at training dogs! Ahhhh! She really needs training! She's so smart and turned 5 months last Monday. She weighed in at 3.5 lbs. yesterday, so her malnutrition is improving. Soon she will be well enough for her shots. Here's a pic of our new Scrat Baby. Here she is sleeping last night. Her eyes are starting to try to open today.
She'd rather snuggle in, but I caught her riding like this yesterday...and yes, I saw she has a bit of dander in this picture up close. I immediately bathed her again!And here's a picture of Boo who is sleeping on my lap as I type. She was just 3 lbs. and a couple of inches tall in these pictures. Hmmm...why does everyone else get to sleep?? :)
Tomorrow I'll share the little book I wrote about our time with Scrat...Scrat's Tale. It is good to share with children as it documents the development of a baby squirrel.

Important squirrels are adorable and affectionate, but adult squirrels are wild and extremely dangerous! They are NOT pets! It's a great experience rescuing and raising one, but please prepare them for release. God made them wild. Please let them live the life He created them for. The exception of, course, would be those who are crippled or in some other way unable to live in the wild.

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