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Continuing from yesterday's post about our new baby squirrel and what God taught me through our first Scrat Baby, here is the little book I made to record our time with her and the powerful lesson God revealed to me through it. It was my first entry into scrapbooking. I treasure this and hope you will enjoy it too. It would be good to share with your children as it documents the development of the baby squirrel. I hope you will be sure to read what God taught me on the last page top right portion, even if you don't look at anything else. Click images to enlarge. Enjoy my book here, but do not claim it as your own. Do not distribute it in any way, but send people to this site to see it themselves. The new baby squirrel (pics on yesterday's post) opened her eyes today and is now climbing a cage.The jacket is to protect my arms a little when we played trees. She'd climb one of us in circles as we stood with our arms out like branches. Then she'd leap to the other one and do the same to them and back and forth. It was such fun!The new baby opened her eyes yesterday and she was off! Now she has to be in a cage when I'm not wearing her. It's like she suddenly came to life at 110%! She is really working at getting out of the cage! So different from our Scratbaby. The difference would be how long this one was in the wild.
Tomorrow I'll make her first solids available to her, but she'll still need nursed for quite a while. sweet! It's time to feed her again, so off I go!Thank you for all the posts and e-mails! I love them! Since so many of you are loving the squirrel, I'm going to give away the "Squirrel Ball" picture from yesterday as an element, so keep watching. I was shocked how many of you wanted my chipmunk element - maybe as many of you can use the Squirrel Ball!
I made this for a layout of my grandson. This is one of his toys. Hope you can use it!
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