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Some of you have been asking if all the flowers I've been giving you are from my yard - yes, all but a very few. When we bought our house there was nothing in the back yard except a cedar tree. I wanted to put so many different blooming things there that when someone past a window or opened the door, they would simply have to praise God for His magnificent creation. I quit counting at 250 varieties.

Over the years as things mature, we have gone from full sun to a lot of shade. Between the change in lighting and crowding, as it's a very small yard, many precious things are no longer here, but it's still lovely. Seven years of drought have hurt it and my not being able to physically maintain it like I used to have taken a toll, but as I said, it still takes my breath away and we do indeed praise God with every thought of it. I designed it so that almost everything is visible from the house and so that there are things blooming almost year round, but of course, spring is the richest. I wish just once everything would bloom at once! LOL...even the way it is, our cars parked on the other side of the house are literally yellow with pollen! There was a dip in the yard and my husband thought, why fill it in? Why not dig it deeper and put a pond in! So, we have made two ponds by ourselves and it's oh so nice!

So for you nice people who asked about the flowers, here's a picture I just took of my Exbury Azaleas. (Please don't use this photo, I'm just showing you and it's low res for the web, not good for print). I think this one was called Tutti Fruity. Sadly our red one finally succumbed to the drought last summer. These are the coolest azaleas! I've seen a very old one that is like a small tree with a wild and irregular spread of branches, all tipped in these beauties! Yeah God! You are AWESOME!!!!
I made this lovely QP using the Bradford Pear Berries I have given you (still in the archives in the left column) and my Stained Glass Butterflies, which I gave you a couple of days ago. The quick page does not include the word art, to make it most flexible for you. The word art in the preview is by Caitlin Creations. The circle is by weedsandwildflowersdesign who refused to let it be part of the QP, but it's ok for personal use. So, the download doesn't include it, but that's where you can obtain the circle if you wish. I just love this page!

If you download, please leave me a comment at the bottom of this post as I have disabled 4shared comments. This helps me to know what you like for the future. God bless you!
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