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Many people have been "inoculated" against Christianity and are now all but immune to the message of salvation. They have witnessed the life of someone who calls themself a Christian and they have not seen Christ in their lives. They have been harmed by those who wear the name Christian, but do not live the life, and now it will be very difficult indeed to reach them with the life giving Word of God.

"Not everyone who says to Me, 'Lord, Lord,' will enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father who is in heaven will enter." Matthew 7:21

I propose for your consideration that just calling oneself a Christian does not make it so. Jesus Himself said that on the day of judgment, which every person who ever lived will someday face, there will be those who call Him "Lord", and will not enter heaven.

A true Christian is one who "does the will of My Father who is in heaven". By Jesus' own words it will be only those who enter into heaven. He's not saying that we must be perfect to get into heaven. Scripture is clear that "all sin and fall short of the glory of God". Romans 3:23 Even once we are saved we still slip and sin and we may hurt others in our sin. The difference is that as soon as the Holy Spirit convicts us of that sin, we repent with our whole heart, begging God's forgiveness and sincerely determine to live by His Word the rest of our lives. 1 John 1:9 He forgives us because we are walking in the light with Him, trying our best to live lives in conformity with His will and law. His grace covers us because of this, and so, we meet the criteria of "doing the will of the Father". If our sin harmed another, it's up to us to go to them and repent to them, letting them know that we were wrong and have asked God's forgiveness. If appropriate, we ask their forgiveness also. Let us not bring shame on the Body of Christ which Jesus gave His life for.

If you are one of those who has turned off the saving message of love from God because of what you have seen in the lives of others claiming to be Christians, please take into account that we are only true "Christians" if we are living in obedience to the Bible. Harm done to you by others cannot be held to the account of Christianity, but the devil would love you to keep doing this as it's effectively sending you to hell right now. Your Heavenly Father pleads with you to come to Him for salvation because He longs to be with you and heal all your wounds.

NOTE: A couple of you had difficulty with yesterday's download. There's a new link so go try it again. Works fine for me. Let me know if you have difficulty.

Today's freebie is a happy little set of Star Bright Numbers. They don't show very well in this little preview, but they are really cute and I hope you will give them a try. If you need basic info on installing a brush click here. For more info on using brushes just Google it. There's a wealth of tuts out there for free.

If you download, please leave me a comment at the bottom of this post as I have disabled 4shared comments. This helps me to know what you like for the future. God bless you!
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The password is jesuschristislord.

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