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Children are a blessing from God and a responsibility we are accountable to Him for how we handle. We don't own our children. He loans them to us for a season, then to return them to Him well equipped for life. As good stewards of these precious souls He has entrusted to us to prepare for life in this world, we owe them a lot of things, but not to:

  • give them everything they want
  • take them everywhere they want to go
  • let them eat only what they want when they want
  • stay up as late as they want
  • to entertain them every waking moment
  • have everything "the other kids" have
  • not to live in a huge expensive house and drive an expensive car
  • have designer or name brand clothing
  • have their own cell phone
  • have a TV in their bedroom
  • have video games
  • have their own phone in their bedroom
  • see and buy every movie they want
  • buy them every CD they want
  • allow them to behave so badly that they disturb other people in public
  • allow them to behave so badly that you feel the need to apologize for them
  • to think this world revolves around them
  • to think this world owes them anything
  • to think that what they want is more important than what someone else wants
  • to never learn the difference between a want and a need
  • to not carry a fair portion of the work involved with being part of a family and running a household
  • to clean their rooms for them (they should be taught and supervised in cleaning their own room from small toddler days on)
  • to make their bed for them (they should be taught quite young and be doing it themselves daily well before school age)
  • to do their laundry for them after they are in middle school
  • to give them a car
  • to live at home for free after they graduate high school and surely not be doing their laundry, cooking and cleaning for them!
Our jobs as parents are to prepare these children for life, not to coddle and spoil them, never teaching them good morals, responsibility and good citizenship. That would be not only creating miserable children who make home a miserable place, but setting them up for failure and heartache in life. Our job isn't to be their best friend. They can have many friends, but they have only one mother and father and by definition that means adults, the ones who lead, train and protect. YOU are in charge. Use the word NO, they need to hear it and often - and know you will stick to it. Children who are allowed to run a household are not happy children and are headed for many problems. Be the adult and do what your children need - lead, make boundaries so they can safely grow and mature, and yes, maturing is the goal, not Peter Panhood - that's only good in make believe.

Being a good parent is surely much harder work than just letting them run wild, have everything their way and grow up rotten, but that wouldn't be love would it? As parents who love our children let's strive to instill in them Godly character and morals, responsibility and citizenship, for their sake, our sake and the sake of our nation. Let's strive to hear our Lord say, "Well done." on the subject of our parenting as well as our walk as Christians. How horrifying to be shown that we cared more for our jobs, money, "our time" and interests, or were just to lazy to put the effort into raising them the way we should have.

These children will one day rule our nation. They will also every one of them face their Creator and give an accounting for their lives and their choice to give their lives to Him or not. Let's truly love our children by not shirking our jobs as parents. It might not be what you wanted, but the moment you helped create a new life, you signed on for the rest of your life. You cannot divorce or abandon that responsibility. Once they are conceived, they are your responsibility for life. Yes, it's very serious.

I'm excited to announce the release of My Favorite Things! I have made a GIANORMOUS kit of 123 of my most favorite and treasured graphics that I'm offering for only $4.99 with proceeds to defray the cost of running this freebie blog for all of you. It's an absolutely gorgeous kit with everything you could want in it - oh, and don't be fooled by "Mother's Day" being on's only on two items and one of them is included without text, so this kit is good for unlimited designs! This is the same hi res hi quality you know I always give you. There is no junk filler either! I've truly given you only what I love and would want myself. Of course I have FREEBIE ADD ONS for you too! We've had an impressive run of some very bad things and I really need help with the expense of giving out daily freebies here. I've given you literally hundreds of gifts daily and now I need your help! Please support this blog by buying this! I'd love to hear what you think of the kit, so leave me a comment or e-mail me.

This kit has 123 pieces. To see all the detail, click the images in the top right column. (Only 2 have “Mother’s Day” on them and one of them is included w/o that text.)
12 papers
2 alphas
18 fancy brush strokes
18 paint brush strokes
bead heart
2 flower
silver/blk swirl
2 nylon bows
buds branch
bundle of bud branches
3 butterflies
1 button
6 frames
2 film strip frames
1 peony w/word art
3 glitter splats
heart box
hinged frame
2 leaves
10 marbles
3 paperclips
paper heart
4 peonies
purple heart
3 ribbon glitter circles
2 rock hearts
scroll frame
3 scroll swirls
3 transparent tapes
transparent heart
Willow Tree
Word art text
Text in flower shape

Credits and thanks to: Border of a paper; Vine; Heart Rock; Tape & Ribbon Circle; Butterflies Bonnie Carter at TheMalteseScrapper. The following don't allow selling or I don't know, so they will be the freebie add on's: Scrolls; Flower on stem file name HFD-CU Flower003; Hinged Frame; Glitter Circle; Rivet
Sample layouts.If you download, please leave me a comment at the bottom of this post as I have disabled 4shared comments. This helps me to know what you like for the future. God bless you!
Download here. Check out my TERMS OF USE here.
The password is jesuschristislord.

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