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What a wonderful reassurance this scripture is!

  • "I have loved you with an everlasting love; therefore I have drawn you with lovingkindness." Jeremiah 31:3
Human love is inconstant. One day someone loves us, the next they don't. Promises and vows are shattered without a thought. Hearts are devastated. But here God our Father comes near us and whispers in our ear, confiding as a lover, that He loves us with an EVERLASTING LOVE! We are safe trusting in His love, no matter what. It is only in His love that we are safe letting all our defenses down and truly opening ourselves to love without reservation. There is no end to His love.

Then He goes on to tell us that because He loves us so, He has chosen to draw us to Himself with His lovingkindness. He doesn't hold a sword at our throats and command "convert or die" like Islam has for ages and still does today in much of the world. He does the utter opposite. After all, what good is "love" when we have coersed someone into "loving" us??? Love is only love when it is given freely. He lavishes His love and kindness on us to draw us to Himself. He loves us into wanting to be with Him and love Him in return. It is our free will choice. So He tenderly draws us by His lovingkindness! What a wonderful God! Who wouldn't want to be His?

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