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To continue our discussion - we were blessed to get to tour a full sized replica of Moses' tabernacle recently. It was so cool. Judiazing teaching is summarily condemned in the New Testament, but there are RICHES to be gained from learning as much as we can from the Old Testament about God.
It was so powerful looking at the four layers of outer covering for the tabernacle. It was like seeing an old friend, something so familiar and powerful. It was surprising to see something so very personal and private being displayed huge and publicly, as if I'd suddenly had my deepest self exposed, but it didn't feel bad. Just surprising. It was also the feeling of, "Oh, I get this...this is my story." How odd to see it so.

The outermost covering is rough and ugly, just like we were before we came to Christ, full of black sin. Then as we move closer to the Holy of Holies the covering becomes a red layer - clearly the precious, perfect, saving blood of Christ that washes our sins away so that we may approach Him. As your heart beats in excitement the next layer closer to the Holy of Holies is pure white as if screaming, "Yes it's true! The result of Jesus' blood in your life has made you white as snow! You can believe what the Word of God told you - your are CLEAN and FORGIVEN!" The pure white garments Jesus gives us after He washes us clean from our sins - the pure white garments of heaven!! Hallelujah!!!!! Then, the layer that lays against the tabernacle, covering the Holy of Holies we see in the this picture has the colors that represent God Himself; blue for the Word of God, gold for the Heavenlies, purple for Royalty. Scarlet for the precious blood of Jesus. White for purity. And all these layers dipicting our journey of salvation end against the Holy of Holies; the place were the very presence of God Almighty Himself dwelt in times past! The layers of the covering tell the story that has resulted in our being able to come before our Lord and enjoy His presence intimately! It's all so marvelous!

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