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Have you noticed things have been changing here this last week?

Many of us don't like change, but there is a truth - life is change. We may not like change because it's uncertain, but it is certain that things do not stay the same, so we would be wise to learn to be flexible. As those who have given our lives to God, our stability should always rest in Him. He says He is the same yesterday, today and always. In him there is no shadow of turning. He is dependable. We will always be safe resting in Him by faith. He's promised to be with us forever, even until the ends of the earth. He's promised that nothing can separate us from His love. Safe in His arms. If you don't have that security today, you might consider taking the step of repenting of your sins and asking Jesus Christ to be your Savior, then being immersed in water baptism as the Bible commands. Then you too can rest in the ultimate security of the unchanging arms of Almighty God, both here and in eternity to come!

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