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It seems odd to me to hear so many stories on TV of people feeling the financial "pinch" these days and being completely unaware of how to optimize what they have. I have been surprised to find that not everyone has had to pinch every penny till it screams all their lives, because so many of us have. So I thought I'd share one thing I've done to save money and fill a need that could help someone. Soooo...

For those of you who actually read my posts, you may remember one about a lesson God has taught me through little Boo. It had to do with not loosing heart and giving up in prayer, as He illustrated by baby Boo trying to get up on the sofa. She bounces off the side twice every time she wants up. It takes her three tries every time, but she doesn't give up.

Well, the bed is much taller than the sofa, so that's been very hard for her. She's just a four pound mini-mite! I looked at those doggie steps they sell for just such a need (that I always thought were ridiculous...till I got a tiny dog...). Wow! They were $50 and up PLUS tax! Not happening here! (It never would have, even before these troubled times.)

MoneySaverTip1: Dog Steps
I went to Sam's Club, (our local warehouse store), and rummaged through the empty boxes they had discarded. I found one that was just half the height from the floor to the bed. Having had dogs, I know that one narrow surface could spell injury for little Boo as she tears into the room and up on the bed. So I got two boxes.

I taped them together with strapping tape. Then I got an old towel that I use to dry wet dogs or disastrous spills on the floor and I laid it over the top so she wouldn't hit the slick box top and slide off, breaking her tiny bones! Knowing that the towel would slide off and be constant work to keep in place, I pinned it to fit the boxes and whip stitched the corners. A double rolled piece of strapping tape between the towel and box at the bottom front keeps that snug too!

Now she has a safe, no upkeep for me, launderable step up to bedtime with Mommy and Daddy and the total cost was $0 and time spent was about 10 minutes! And how is this inspirational? We are to be good stewards of all God gives us! This is not only saving money, but recycling! Praise the Lord in ALL THINGS! Have a super day!

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