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Conviction is from God and leads us to repent and live closer to Him which brings JOY! Condemnation is from satan and leads to DEATH. If you have given you life to our Lord and are living faithfully you need NEVER AGAIN accept condemnation, because it’s not from our God! You are washed continually from every sin as you walk closely to our beloved Savior and repent as conviction points sin out to you, so there’s NO GUILT in God’s plan for you from now on! Hallelujah!

It seems odd to me to hear so many stories on TV of people feeling the financial "pinch" these days and being completely unaware of how to optimize what they have. I have been surprised to find that not everyone has had to pinch every penny till it screams all their lives, because so many of us have. So I thought I'd share some things I do to save money and fill a need that could help someone. Soooo...

MoneySaverTip2: End Tables
With our children grown and gone, we have taken to eating dinner in the living room. It's our time together and our time to talk after work and before he goes to work in the recording studio and I return here for you. So...we needed something to aid in eating neatly on the sofa, especially with a dog.

We had been given two of those large round tin cans with the mix of popcorn in them for Christmas. They were the perfect height to sit next to each of us up next to the sofa. I bought a $.98 can of spray paint that matched the sofa as I didn't want them to be noticeable, and painted them. They stack neatly out of the way when not in use and are perfect to rest our glasses and other things on. Over the years there have been a few nicks in the paint, but a moment outside with the spray can (which I kept, of course, for just this reason), and they are good as new again!

The total cost was $1.05 including tax and time spent was about 10 minutes! And how is this inspirational? We are to be good stewards of all God gives us! This is not only saving money, but recycling! Praise the Lord in ALL THINGS! If you'd like more of these, let me know and have a super day!
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