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Today I'm going to share another insight God has given me through little Boo, (our puppy). We rescued Boo at 4 months old. She's 9 1/2 mo. now - and has finally hit 4.5 lbs.!!! The first six weeks or so she was so ill she spent her days sleeping inside my sweater as I worked here, but when she got to feeling better, things changed.

She will sit or stand just beyond where my fingertips can reach and not allow me to touch her. The only way I can hold her at all is to grab her and stand. She's so tiny there's nothing much she can do then and she likes the vantage point if I'll rock her like a baby or walk around.

Ahhh, but when I have's a different story entirely. She is right next to me, pitiful eyes locked on mine silently begging, her paw - with claws, intermittently scratching me painfully to get my attention, even some heartbreaking sounds at times. But even then, when I reach to pet her she recoils and even jumps backward to avoid my touch - all the while maintaining pitiful eye contact begging.

The bottom line is that the only time she wants or tolerates intimacy with me, the only time I'm allowed to touch her at all is when I have something she wants and she's begging. Surely you know where I'm going with this.

It's the exact same story for God and most people, even His own people. The only time we want to be close to Him, or tolerate being truly close to Him is when we want something from Him. We wine and beg, even scratching repeatedly like Boo to get and keep His attention to our pleas. Even then, if He chooses to manifest His wonderful presence to us, many of us recoil and jump out of reach. We want what He can give us, but not true intimacy with Him, not what He wants to do in our lives, not how He wants to use us or a genuine intimate relationship with Him, not to actually live by His laws. When He moves in power and wonders many people recoil and even run. As soon as we have what we wanted we can't leave Him fast enough and put Him out of mind.

I know how I feel when Boo treats me this way. I love her dearly, I protect and provide everything in her existence, I do her every service, but she wants nothing at all to do with me until there's something she wants from me. It is heartbreaking. My dog won't even sit near enough me to touch. It hurts to know this love relationship is only on my part. For her part it's 100% what she can get from me. Now I know this is just a dog and I love her anyway, but it does truly hurt.

How do you think our Heavenly Father feels? He loves us dearly, He protects and provides everything in our existence, He does us every service and even gave His ONLY Son to save us, but we want nothing to do with Him until we want something from Him. We recoil from His divine touch and miraculous manifestation, from His working in our lives or using us for His work. Just think how this must hurt our Loving Heavenly Father.

Picture how you would feel if your child would have nothing to do with you, didn't have a moment for you, broke your rules as it pleased him, disrespected you publicly, even used your name as a curse word, then when he wanted something he came and begged and implored, but still wouldn't let you truly near him?

God tells us He is a jealous god. He created us to have an intimate love relationship with us. He gave us free will so our choice to love Him in return would be genuine or not at all. There is no pleasure in being loved by those who have no choice, no true fellowship. The Bible tells us we can grieve Him, and so we see here a huge way we do just that.

If this mirrors your relationship with Him and you are expecting to make it to heaven, I'd suggest you turn the computer off, kneel and pray earnestly in Jesus' name.

Now to stave off the onslaught of e-mails and posts about the dog, this wasn't really about her, only about the insight God gave me on this issue using her. I love her anyway and it is what it is. You needn't worry I won't adore her anyway. Have a great day!

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