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A dear follower of this blog recently shared a couple of devotionals she received from The Word For Today. They were so powerful that I want to share them with you in prayer that you too will be blessed. Here is one of them:

'It is well with my soul'

  • "'Peace I leave with you...Do not let your hearts be troubled and...afraid.'" John 14:27 NIV
The peace Jesus gives brings a sense of assurance that no matter what happens you know 'it is well with my soul.' He says to us: 'Peace I leave with you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and...afraid.' The peace Jesus gives doesn't depend on conditions and circumstances. It comes from knowing you're God's child and that your Father controls the universe, loves you and always has your best interests at heart. That's why people who've lost everything will often tell you they wouldn't trade what they've learned, even if it meant recouping all their losses. Joni Erikson Tada discovered a supernatural peace when an accident confined her to a wheelchair, and Corrie Ten Boom found it in a Nazi death camp. Missionary Elisabeth Elliot found it ministering to the Indian tribe who massacred her husband. She wrote, 'Only in acceptance lies peace...not in resignation.' There's a big difference! Author Creath Davis points out that: 'Resignation is surrender to fate. Acceptance is surrender to God. Resignation lies down quietly in an empty universe. Acceptance rises up to meet the God who fills that universe with purpose and destiny. Resignation says, 'I can't.' Acceptance says, 'God can.' Resignation paralyses the life process. Acceptance releases the process for its greatest creativity. Resignation says, 'It's all over for me.' Acceptance says, 'Now that I'm here, what's next, Lord?' Resignation says, 'What a waste.' Acceptance says, 'In what redemptive way will you use this mess, Lord?' Resignation says, 'I'm alone.' Acceptance says, 'I belong to you, Lord.''

MoneySaverTip21: Make It Match
Our home was a foreclosure that had been vacant and vandalized for years before we got it. Even light switch covers and closet rods were gone - everything. This meant buying lots of light fixtures. I picked a look I loved at a lighting store that was not expensive, then asked for a discount. Because I got five in this series they gave me a contractor's discount.

Then I needed a pole lamp for the living room. I found one at Walmart with a similar elaborate pattern to it, but the colors were wrong. Amazingly the glass matched! I got a $.98 bottle of acrylic paint of the blue/green patina that was on the other fixtures. I painted it on the pole lamp, let it dry a little while and wiped it off with a dry cloth. It just stayed in the crevices making it look just like the rest of the fixtures. You see the foot and pole in this photo. No amount of washing over these 11 or so years hasn't altered it one bit!
The total cost was $.98 plus tax and time spent was about 15 minutes! And how is this inspirational? We are to be good stewards of all God gives us! This is not only saving money, but recycling! Praise the Lord in ALL THINGS! If you'd like more of these, let me know and have a super day!

Here's your goodie for today - a Rustic Window QP!
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