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I am very honored that some of my artwork is being used to create a calendar that Be'ad Chaim (Pro-Life Israel) is going to sell as a fund raiser. In talking with the woman in charge she has really shocked me with heartbreaking facts that we should all be aware of so that we know better how to pray. I'm not sharing anything graphic, so you needn't turn away, just statistics. But the fact I need to say that should tell us something. If discussing or showing the truth about abortion is too harsh for people to look at, might there be something wrong with it? After reading what she has shared, you might like to read this post I made earlier.

"In Israel, abortion is still a very taboo subject. Women don't want to hear that it's a baby, and when they know, they go ahead and do one anyway because there is so much pressure here to "provide well" or to have only "wanted babies". We estimate there are about 40-50 thousand abortions here a year - one in every 4 children is killed in the womb. Israel has both the largest number of pre-natal tests (and subsequent abortions when any risk of birth defects is found) and the highest rate of IVF treatments given freely to women through the health system. It is as if babies have become a commodity, like clothes, that can be bought and thrown away at will. Recently there have been some widely publicized stories of mothers who threw their babies out right after birth - one boldly said "I could have aborted her until last week, what's the difference?" It makes my heart break.

It's pretty discouraging to face this mountain of negative public opinion on the matter of abortion but God's Word is very clear, and He is never lacking in encouragement for those who work in Pro-Life. I hope to see these attitudes change in my life-time :-)

Actually, Europe is the worst for abortion rates - especially the former Soviet block, where it has been used as birth control for generations. Some women who have made "Aliya" (immigrated) to Israel have had 8 or more abortions. It's sad."

Today I'm giving you a beautiful Butterfly. Butterflies symbolize new life. Let's honor the sanctity of God given life, especially the innocent life of unborn children and not incur the wrath of a just and holy God.

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