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I'm having such fun taking time off working on the blog and making LOs I may just stop making freebies! Just kidding! :) Click to enlarge if you like! Such a shame to mess them up to hide identities, but that's life!
I used part of Template CD_Template_BH128_15pics by someone who didn't put their name on it & Bugs by

And on this one I used part of a 12" template by Just a suggestion, when working with really messed up images, (like two of these had streaks from a dying camera), just make them worse to look like you meant them to be that way. I turned them black & white, added streaks to other pictures to make it look uniform and added noise, being sure the contrast and such were optimal. I removed color from her fluorescent sunsuit because it was distracting. Now you notice her adorable face - or would if I hadn't obscured it!!! :)

And here's yet more...amazing how prolific you can be when you stop sleeping! LOL! The shot on the left is a great fav of mine. I took it in my garden in full sun in February (08). This is the best extracting I've ever done. Haven't been as successful with wispy hair since. :( And yes, that's me in there.For this one I adapted a template from; Brown Paper; Brackets; Flowers, Bow, Paper & Butterflies

A dear Sister-in-Christ who follows this blog shared openly with me about how her health problems and physical challenges affect her spiritually sometimes. So much has been taken from her. I too have been sickly and injured all my life, having lost much ability myself. I laughingly tell people it’s just my Lord keeping me from being too attached to this body so I’m ready when He calls me to trade it in on the new one! LOL ! But our Father knows what He’s doing and we must rest in His hands.

I so identify with what she said about everything being taken from her (physically) and how she sometimes struggles spiritually with it. I’ve lived my entire adult life that way. I was early 20’s when so much had been taken that I didn’t feel like a woman any more. Through the years I have been blessed to have things restored that I thought were gone forever, then only to loose them again after a short season. I have been so grateful that I have been granted PhotoShop these recent years, a comfort for all that’s gone. But even this is not without a price in physical suffering.

I don’t know if it will help, but what God has shown me about my physical condition, is that I’m seeing it from too close up. I walk through the pain, disability and loss and see only that. Sometimes I feel unloved because my prayers go un-granted. I wonder if I’m truly under His grace. Is He mad at me? Why does my husband pray for others and He heals them, but no amount of prayer eases my suffering? I must be very wicked and I’m kidding myself that I’m saved. But I check the word of God and ask the Holy Spirit to show me my heart, and I have indeed done as the Bible demands to be saved and my every waking thought with all my heart is to please Him, my heart aching for Him, my hope entirely in Him. Is He a liar? Though every man be proven a liar, God does not lie. Romans 3:4 Therefore I AM under His grace, I AM indeed loved! He will keep His word and will carry me to heaven one day just as He’s promised because it’s not about how I “feel” spiritually. It’s about His keeping His word. It’s about Jesus’ work on the cross being complete and sufficient. And once again I can smile deep within knowing that despite what I must walk through daily, it is well with my soul! Praise God!

He has shown me that because I am human, I see my situation too closely and on too limited a scale. He sees all and understands all. He’s promised to cause ALL things to work together for good for those that love Him and are called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28 I do so love Him and I serve Him in every way I know how and from the heart, so that promise is MINE whether I “feel” it or not!

He showed me that what I see as pain, suffering and loss, is having a very different effect on my spirit man even though I can’t see it myself. As I walk through it all minute by minute, cleaving closely to Him and consciously choosing to believe His word over my own thoughts and feelings, all this is sanding and polishing me spiritually. He is sculpting a radiantly beautiful and useful soul from what I once was. He is transforming my spirit into a thing of beauty for His glory, and yours too! Sanding isn't comfortable, but the result is worth it.

So take courage. You do not walk this difficult path alone and it’s not just dumb luck. You have given your life to Him and belong to the Most High God - nothing will happen to you that isn’t included in His promise to bring good to you from even the worst of it. It just might be eternal good rather than physical good here. He has a plan to prosper you and not to harm you. Jeremiah 29:11 What we see as evil and harmful for this time is actually preparing a harvest most glorious for the eternal life to come, if we walk through it close to Him, believing His word above all.

And for those of the “hyperfaith” movement who would persecute those of us already overwhelmed with our physical burdens by telling us it’s our own fault, telling us that if we had “faith” we’d be healed, go back to the word of God. Note that there are countless incidents where God did not heal, where it was to God’s glory that one bear physical suffering. He does indeed heal, just not everyone, not every time. You have to know the martyrs prayed for their deliverance and that of their loved ones, but many were tortured to death. Sometimes the fact that God sees the big picture of what our walking through these things with Him will bring about in eternal fruit means He does not grant every prayer for healing or deliverance here.

It is absolutely un-Christian for one to add to another's burden of suffering by telling them it’s their fault or God would heal them. That’s not God. That can break a person’s faith entirely and you wouldn’t want that to account for on the Day of Judgment! Not only have they pled with their God to heal them and not been healed, but now brethren are telling them it’s their fault, that their Christianity is so flawed that this has happened to them. We are told to visit, encourage, love on those who are ill, not make their burden unbearable and destroy their faith in the process. Encourage them to believe for healing, but remind them that when they walk through suffering with the right attitude, close to God, it glorifies Him and can even cause others to come to Him and be saved.

In response to those who would tell you that if you speak it out loud you have “brought it into existence”, that’s ridiculous! It’s already in existence is why you are saying it! You have to acknowledge a problem exists before you can pray for help! God knows what’s going on, so what’s the point of trying to keep it secret? We are to bear one another’s burdens, and that’s done by people sharing what’s wrong and us listening, loving, praying for them and meeting any physical needs that we can. When we share our suffering, we need to remember that we are to do all things without grumbling and complaining. It’s all in the attitude. We can state negative things that are going on in our lives and not be complaining. We are to encourage one another.

If we are so invested in “looking perfect” to those we worship with that we don’t let them know there are problems, then we forfeit the blessing of having many join their prayers with ours and the power that comes with that. We are also guilty of the sin of pride. “If two of you agree on earth about anything that they may ask, it shall be done for them by My Father who is in heaven.” Matt. 18;19 There is power in having people join with us agreeing in prayer!

There is also a time and place to help one who is suffering to review scriptural possibilities for their suffering, just in case. But this is ONLY when they are asking for this and won’t feel attacked. This is NOT done with an attitude of us expecting there to be something sinful we can blame them for. This is a child our God LOVES and gave His life for and they are suffering! This is only to offer information that the Holy Spirit might use to bring them relief. Don’t do it if you aren’t coming at it in all gentleness, humility and love, looking to yourself lest you too be guilty. Galatians 6:1 Some may not have read their Bibles enough to know there there are indeed some things we may have done to bring suffering upon ourselves and if we will stop and repent, God may indeed remove it. For instance the Bible clearly states that if we take the Lord’s Supper/Communion in a manner unworthy, many have become sick and some died. 1 Corinthians 11:28-31 We know that having un-repented sin in our lives could result in suffering so we should ask the Holy Spirit to reveal any sin in our lives we need to repent of. Then there are lifestyle choices that can cause suffering and should be stopped and repented of as our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit of God. 1 Corinthians 6:19 Read God’s laws for care of the tabernacle in the Old Testament. It’s serious that we honor His temple in us and take care of our bodies. Sometimes God will miraculously lift the consequences of those sins and sometimes He let’s us walk through them. This is an opportunity to bear fruit for eternity by being sure to walk it close to Him and in obedience to His word.

She said she often feels bewildered as to what she's to do with her life because of so many limitations. Could it be that He's polishing you so much that your purpose in life for this season is to glorify Him by how you are walking this difficult path with Him? Could it be that He's caused your light to shine so brightly that your function in this life is mainly to be set high on a lampstand to light those around you, not only for His glory, but also to draw others to Him that they also might be saved simply by your example? It isn't our wish to be unable to do those things we enjoy or even need to do, but might it be that you are meant for a higher calling in His service at this time? To simply glow and your life be an encouragement to others? There seems to me to be no higher calling at all. Glorifying God in this dark world. Being used to encourage others simply by seeing how you walk with God. Drawing others to Him for salvation as they see you have something they don't and they want it too. Being a light in this present darkness. Isn't that almost everything that will matter eternally and not end with this life?

His grace is sufficient for us. 2 Corinthians 12:9 I pray this helps dear sisters!

Today I'm giving you a cuddly Teddy Bear to comfort you, from my heart to yours.
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