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I recently got a lovely e-mail from someone who actually read my personal testimony (which is included in every download). It was good to hear her take on my testimony. It's my intention, to be real and open so that others may be able to relate, come to Jesus and be saved. I don't feel we have the right to hide the facts when it could be used by the Holy Spirit of God to bring someone to eternal salvation. I have nothing to be proud about, so I have nothing to loose. There is no point in hiding the truth. I have been bought with a price, the sinless blood of Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of Almighty God and all my life is His to use as He wishes. My glory is the grace and mercy of God that I don't, and can't ever deserve, yet am swathed in for eternity, praise God! I do try to use wisdom as to what and how much I share with who, as it's not all appropriate for everyone. But I won't stay silent if sharing could show someone else in a similar place that there is not only hope, but wondrous joy and freedom! It's also everyone's challenge to make sure their testimony doesn't glorify the sin by focusing more on the sin they did before they asked Jesus to be their Savior than the glorious changes God has brought about in their lives since.

Today's gift is a Zebra for your zoo or vacation LOs. There is a rich place in the country here where they keep llamas, zebras and things in pastures with cows! That's where I took this pic.
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