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I received an e-mail from one who follows this blog sharing about a "worship service" she'd visited where there was "howling, screaming and thrashing about". This is part of what I wrote her:

It is so sad that so many think LOUD = HOLY. I have very tender ears and have had to not worship in several places because it physically hurt my ears. I couldn’t even sit in the lobby and try to worship it was so loud. :( It is ridiculous to think that the God who teaches us that our body is His temple and to take care of it would think it was fine for His children to suffer permanent hearing loss unnecessarily in "worship". It is a very common problem in our area of Christianity. It shows a great immaturity in the Lord. If you need it very LOUD for you to "get in the Spirit", you aren't in the Holy Spirit, but only the worldly spirit of music that the lost enjoy at concerts.

As to your sister-in-law’s church “howling and screaming and throwing themselves all around”, that sounds satanic to me. This problem stems from the fact that satan wants all that God has. Remember, He was cast out of heaven because he tried to take God's place. Remember also that he's the father of all he produces counterfeit of everything that's God's. Since God Almighty sometimes manifests His holy presence among us with great signs and wonders, the devil also counterfeits this and produces the kinds of things you just described in assemblies that have not studied the Word of God enough to “test the spirits” as we are commanded to be sure it’s God. LOL – it’s such a huge subject it’s hard to cover in a few sentences.

You see, we are to be balanced, both filled with the Holy Spirit of God and rooted and grounded in the inerrant Word of God. This way God can fully use us, leading us by His Spirit, and we can fully fellowship with Him, but because we are GROUNDED IN THE WORD OF GOD, we can test the spirits to see if they are God or not by whether what’s happening and being preached/taught is in harmony with the Bible. If not, it’s not Him! Part of how you know that this is not God is that He says we are to do all things decently and in order in our worship. This isn’t. All things are to glorify Him and point to Him. “Howling and screaming” does not glorify Him and is such a distraction that the attention is on the person and the behavior, not on God. Also, if you are filled with God’s Holy Spirit, it will witness within you that this is of evil and not of God. Just look at the words you used, “howling – screaming”.

Now, the Holy Spirit surely can move on a child of God to praise Him out loud, (but even this can be of a wrong spirit when it disrupts God’s worship and takes focus off Him instead of glorifying Him), give a word of prophesy, sing to Him in the Spirit, dance before Him in reverent worship, weep before Him, even cause one to “fall as if dead” before Him as in the Bible or shake in His presence, but when there is trashing about, it’s demonic. Now, He can surely deliver a person from the devil in a worship service as well as at home alone and it very often involves thrashing about and screaming and such before it’s over, but that is to end with deliverance, not just be a show of demonic display. (Remember Jesus told them to be silent and come out!)

Another thought for those who don't believe God still does all the things He did in New Testament days, bear in mind that if there is a counterfeit, there is also the genuine item that it's trying to pass itself off as! Might be worth seeking God deeper to see what He has for you! Don't spend this life in the outer courts when He's beckoning you into the Holy Place with Him!

As to bashing other denominations, that is not God. I do see a place for respectfully pointing out error and showing in God’s Word what His truth is, but we are told to do ALL THINGS IN LOVE! No bashing, but never compromising the truth. Seems to me that if we spend preaching/teaching time covering the truth and encouraging this direction, we will be more productive to moving people closer to God and won’t have much time to criticize others. If we are offering the powerful truth of the Word, it alone will draw people to God. It is sufficient. All you have shared is so sad and must grieve the Father.

I agree with you saying that we are saved by grace and that too many get tied up with their differences instead of putting them aside and worshiping the one true, living, GOD.

MoneySaverTip35: Boo Sling
Yes - a bit of a play on words, but accurate - just bear with me a moment. When we got little Boo, it was clear that she would never be able to take walks the way a larger dog can. Our precious Muffy was a 13 lb. Pomeranian and she couldn't walk much, so Boo (who just hit 4.5 lbs and turned 10 months) surely wasn't going to be able to walk much.

This necessitated a way to carry her. Just in my arms is great for shorter times, but long walks not so good. I tried a purse, but that wasn't ideal for her, or really, for me. I looked and looked. First problem is I didn't find anything for a dog her size. Second problem is that what I was finding was around $70! I got to thinking about baby carriers. I had seen a sling carrier for tiny ones and got to thinking. Why not for Boo?

Long, soft scarves are readily available. I chose a sturdy one that was also light and airy so she wouldn't overheat next to me in these hot Southern summers. At first I just tied it in a knot behind my neck to about the right height, but it wasn't just right. It only took a few minutes with DH lending me a couple more hands to fine tune my knot so that the outer edges coming around me would be shorter and form a good sling. It's perfect and I only spent $5!!! And it's washable!

Now when we go for walks (even exercise walks) we start on her teansey tiny leash and I carry the Boo Sling wadded in my hand. When she wears out I just put it over my head and one arm through then she slips perfectly into the sling where she's held snugly and comfortably (for both of us) and up high enough she can see everything around her. She loves it! She can even sleep! And there's plenty of room for the leash too. It's turned out to be a great ice breaker/conversation starter too. People come up to us and have to play with her and we get to meet new people! Here we are on the mountain last night. Not bad for an old lady of 55 (last month)! And Daddy took her down the slide and he's 63! Don't let numbers mess with your mind! LIVE the life God's given you! Kids grown and gone? Improvise! And these gym shoes are an example of my Money Saver Tip on gluing the soles back on shoes - fixed for years now!
I like to use it in the car too. She wants to be up where she can see. She's too tiny to do it on her own and it gets very tiring for me quickly trying to hold her up high. The seat belt is against me, then she and the sling. She's up high and oh so happy and snug. :)

The total cost was $5 and the time spent was nothing. And how is this inspirational? We are to be good stewards of all God gives us! This is not only saving money, but recycling! Praise the Lord in ALL THINGS! If you'd like more of these, let me know and have a super day!

Here's today's goodie - a Grass & Dirt stain! Enjoy!
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