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I just read a news blurb about a local church. The pastor said it takes "minimal time and energy" to worship with them.

Think on that. God tells us that He requires our ALL. We give Him our lives as LORD and MASTER when we ask Him to forgive our sins and save us, hence He owns ALL of us, our time, talents, energy, everything is His completely. He tells us if we don't love Him more than anything, even our families, we aren't worthy of following Him. We are commanded to "take up our cross daily" and follow Him. We get out of this relationship what we put into it.

Is it really wisdom to seek out a worship that requires the least from us? Do you really want the least relationship with your God? Do you think that you can be "just enough of a Christian" to slip into heaven, but not enough to cost you anything at all? Your salvation cost heaven EVERYTHING. God gave His very best to live and die for you. He didn't try to slip by with the least possible. Will anyone with this goal hear "Well done thou good and faithful servant, enter in." on the day of Judgment? Enlighten us, Oh Lord and have mercy!

Today's gift to you is this adorable bird Jenna made in Bible class! Enjoy!
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