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Have you noticed the new look at Lynette's Photo Art (the store)? Now you can purchase either here on the blog in the right and left columns (with links to the full descriptions) AND you can now purchase at the store right on the pages with the descriptions!!! This will be so much more convenient for you. And as always, if you are making multiple purchases and only want to check out once, e-mail me the list of kit names and I'll send you a PayPal invoice. Thank you again for helping support this blog! Big hugs!

Today's gift is a pile of stones on our local mountain. It brings to mind a passage in Joshua 3 where God tells us about the children of Israel entering the promised land. When they were to cross the Jordan River, He miraculously dried up all the waters as the priests carrying the Ark of the Covenant stepped into the river and so they all crossed on dry land.

In chapter 4 He had one man from each of the 12 tribes take a stone from the dry riverbed and pile them on on the other side of the river. He told them to do this so that as they passed it in the future, and generations after them, they were to retell the mighty works God has done for His people to their children so that there would not be a generation who didn't know God.

They were told to speak God's Word and talk about God at all times, going out and coming in, even standing by the wayside. That's why the Jews wore phylacteries strapped to their foreheads - there was scripture in them. The idea was that God's Word would always be before them and foremost on their minds.

Nothing has changed in this regard. It is our responsibility as Christian parents to know God's Word and teach our children about Him and His truth at all times. It has nothing to do with whether someone thinks us strange or whether our child would rather be playing video games. It is a very important command of God. When the Hebrews didn't do this, the nation fell into idolatry with the foreign nations because they no longer knew God and His Word. When we fail to teach our children about the one and only Living God Almighty, not only their souls are at risk, but entire generations fall into pagan idolatry as has happened in America today.

Such a tragic commentary that a nation founded solely for the freedom to worship the One True God Almighty now jails preachers for reading the Bible out loud in worship services, schools teach false religions and sinful lifestyles, even witchcraft in the Harry Potter books, but students are suspended for wearing a t-shirt with holy words on them. Remember, we are accountable to God for all we do and don't do in this life, including the job we do as parents of the precious souls He has entrusted to us here.

He is indeed a loving God, and because He is, He commands us to teach our children of Him always so that they will be saved at the end of their time here. If we love our children, we will teach them right from wrong, good from evil, and the eternal plan of salvation through Jesus Christ. It's no one's job but ours. Not the preacher or the Bible teacher - ours.

Today's gift is the stone pile to sample from Autumn Warmth. Won't this look great with someone sitting, standing or climbing on it?

Warm Autumn has 40 unique and rich pieces, large and in high resolution for your fall layouts. Only $4.99 at my PayPal store. Click image to enlarge. Click Buy It Now Button below preview to purchase. Today I'm giving you a piece of this wonderful kit to try out. I made these corn husk dolls years ago. The gorgeous paper of fall leaves in a puddle was taken by my daughter.

Warm Autumn has 40 pieces:
1 alpha w/numbers
2 flowers
4 wood flowers
1 pinecone
6 papers
1 fuzzy weed
3 lichen
1 stone pile
1 wood stump
1 leather strap
2 corn husk dolls
1 tag w/string
2 buttons
3 leaves
2 branches
3 12” borders
4 oval frames
1 rectangular frame
1 flower frame
Leaf texture on yellow paper by unknown designer; string in tag & buttons by; TMS_leaf_CU; 4 leaves by

If you download, please leave me a comment at the bottom of this post as I have disabled 4shared comments. This helps me to know what you like for the future and please support this blog by shopping my PayPal store. God bless you!

Thank you all so very much for your support this year
- your visits, your comments in posts and e-mail, and especially your prayers for the mission of this blog - to share the love of Christ, for an entire year now! Wow! I'm completely blown away by all God has done, including blessing me with such cherished new friends around the world! Recently I started expiring some of the links for the free gifts I've given you every day this year and have collected them into kits to sell in an effort to recoup some of the expense of running the blog. A special hug and deep gratitude to those of you who have bought something to help! God bless you! To say THANK YOU to ALL OF YOU in a more tangible way, I'm putting the entire store on sale from Saturday the 12th through Saturday the 19th! If you buy two kits, you can have a third kit of equal or lesser value FREE! Just e-mail me at and tell me the kit names you want and I'll send you a PayPal invoice. Or you can just use the Buy It Now buttons for the two most expensive items and then e-mail me the name of your choice of FREE KIT. Now's DEFINITELY the time to scarf up on all my goodies including several fall kits and a winter one - NO LIMITS! There are 51 kits for sale now, so there's something for EVERYONE! Thank you for helping in this work for God! Click image to go to the store.
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