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Tomorrow is a day I look forward to all year. It's our local Gem & Mineral show! I'm not too much into the "gems" part, but have you ever really looked at a rock? God has put so much beauty into these things and then hidden them in the earth, knowing it would be untold ages before any human eye would ever behold them and praise Him for who He is because of it. But He still did it! It's the world's biggest "Easter egg hunt"!

And just like the plants, He could have made just one kind of rock, but instead, to bless us, He filled the earth with unimaginable multitudes of beautiful rocks! And even more astounding, cut a rock open (and polish it) and you see it's beauty...then if you cut it open again 1/4" from that spot, it's an entirely different beautiful piece of art! There is no limit to the variety of beauty that we can find in rocks!

Once I was on a plane, looking out over the earth from so far above, and I RECOGNIZED the pattern I was seeing on the ground! It was the same pattern I'd seen in a little rock! He blows my mind! He put that pattern in a little rock that one day man would find deep in the earth...and He also put the same pattern on the surface of the earth, using mountains and rivers and trees to make the pattern, knowing that no man would ever see it until man learned to fly and could view it from miles above the earth!!! And still He did it!

Note, it takes effort to behold the beauty in a rock. On first glance, few are much to look at. Man either had to dig it, cut it and polish it, or we had to learn to build an airplane, build it and fly it, looking at the earth below. It's the same with most of the "things of God". He puts the blessings there for us, but we have to put time, effort and prayer into developing a deep relationship with Him, maturing in Him, before we can fully behold the beauty of what He has given us. Little by little it becomes more being changed "from glory to glory" as He says. 2 Corinthians 3:18

He has said if we do not love Him more than ANYTHING, we are not worthy of Him. Matthew 10:37 He will not share His throne in our hearts. No one has to tell us to spend time with what is MOST important to us and that we love most. No one has to tell us to put effort into our relationship with the one we love most. So, though all things are through God's grace, we have a part to play too. He does His part, and it's up to us to seek Him, spend time with Him and reading His Word, praying, then our relationship grows deeper - just like with people.

This is the collection of Hello Kitty buttons I'm giving away. I gave the first one away yesterday, so if you missed it, scroll back. Today I'm giving you the Hello Kitty holding the teddy button. First of all I want to say that though I painted these, Hello Kitty is the property of Sanrio and I am not trying to steal them! These are free and for personal use only.

That said, Hello Kitty was such a HUGE and happy part of our lives raising my daughters that no scrapbooking I would do of their childhoods would be complete without her! I still adore her now. LOL, even though they are grown now, I bought myself a Hello Kitty book just last year! Just can't keep from smiling when I look at her pretty self!

I know it's unconventional to use a drop shadow inside a charm, but I personally really love my treasures "floating" in their acrylics! Hope you do to! This is the little darling I'm giving you today! Hope you like her as much as I do!
These are some of my autumn kits available for purchase very affordably. Click images to see details and Buy It Now buttons.If you download, please leave me a comment at the bottom of this post as I have disabled 4shared comments. This helps me to know what you like for the future and please support this blog by shopping my PayPal store. God bless you!
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